While a website is a fundamental part of running a successful business, a landing page is the key to actually creating valid leads.

A landing page is a simple web page where visitors give you their information, typically by offering them something in exchange, such as a coupon. With 68% of B2B businesses using landing pages to gain new sales leads, it’s something that every business should have. Dell, for example, has over 1,000 landing pages and has reported conversion increases as high as 300% over their website pages.

A landing page is simple in theory and design. It should contain easy to read information about your business and should be kept to one page. Think of the overall look of your landing page as almost a page out of a magazine. A clear headline and graphics or images are a must. As with any content, be sure to include keywords to help drive traffic to the landing page. One study showed that using keyword driven content resulted in 115% higher lead submission than non-keyword based content. It’s also important that you cross-promote yourself on all platforms that you have a presence. Include a link to your website and social media pages. After visitors sign up to join your mailing list, be sure to send a thank you email immediately after.

In addition to using the information for marketing campaigns, this is also a great way to obtain demographics on your client base by asking them for information such as their age and address. By understanding your demographics, you can shift your focus heavily on these consumers, rather than spreading yourself and your marketing budget thin on mass campaigns.

Ultimately, the goal is to generate leads by capturing visitor information that you’ll use down the line for marketing and email campaigns. Of course, by offering a coupon you’re also driving business on the front end, as consumers are more likely to provide their information for something they intend to take advantage of. By taking out the clutter and multiple options of a website, you’re encouraging visitors to sign on with you and hopefully become long-term customers. Remember, less is more!

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