Though there are many web building platforms available today, WordPress platform, a free, open source software package and Content Management System (CMS) is used more often than any other platform out on the net. It started out as a phenomenal blogging platform and has grown to be the most sought after web building software in the industry today.

Many web building platforms such as Weebly are suited for specialized projects, but WordPress, with its consistent enhancements and ongoing growth, can do it all. Rather easy to use, the features of WordPress, such as menu configuration and media handling to name just a couple have grown more powerful over the years while maintaining ease of use. Packed with all types of standard features and ongoing enhancements, WordPress is the most favored web building platform out there for all types of websites.

Ease of Use and Good For Selling Products

The learning curve of the WordPress platform is quite simple and straightforward. Much more than just a blog publishing platform today, WordPress presents with a great deal of versatility and flexibility needed when designing and creating any type of website. Whether creating a new post in WordPress or uploading images, the task at hand is simple and indeed not intimidating. Providing expansive functionality right at your fingertips, WordPress affords users a massive theme selection, many of which are entirely free. However, there is a premium WordPress package available at a fairly low cost with advanced themes and features for the creation and design of unique WordPress websites.

WordPress is also ideal for selling products directly from your individual site, or, if you choose, monetizing with ads and/or affiliate offers which can be easily inserted by way of widgets or a variety of plugins. There is a wide range of plugins for use with WordPress that simplify your tasks and allow you to add any functionality quickly to any WordPress site.

Consistent Updates and Top-Rated Support

Since WordPress is so overwhelmingly popular, the upgrades and enhancements to the product are consistent which allows users to take advantage of the ongoing improvements and newly added functions all the times. In addition, the support community at WordPress is expansive and quite active. With dedicated support resources, you can be certain that any question you have can and will be easily answered and addressed in a timely fashion.

Entirely SEO Friendly

WordPress is, without a doubt, very SEO friendly. It fulfills all the CMS, SEO responsibilities and is compatible with a wide range of SEO plugins to help enhance search engine visibility of your website. WordPress delivers fast loading speeds, good coding standards, easy XML site map generation, and extensive navigation features such as menus, dropdowns, tags and widgets to name a few. Further, it offers image optimization, and social media integration. To top it all off, WordPress is fully optimized to work on all types of devices, systems and browsers.

Yes, WordPress is still the most effective, efficient and easy to use blogging platform in the industry, but today presents users with a vast lineup of other features needed for the design and creation of top of the line web sites. If you need to work on a website or create and design a whole new website and have not yet tried WordPress we highly recommend you do. The tasks you can perform with this easy to use, simple interface will be near to mind boggling. Whether you are creating a new website, working on an existing site, or simply need to write a new blog, WordPress should be the choice for you.