Marketing is key to any business, as we all know, and with so many different types of marketing techniques available it can sometimes be difficult and challenging to find the ideal marketing strategy for your business.   Marketing automation is fast becoming one of the most favored forms of marketing for many business owners today. A software platform that actually automates a business’s marketing and sales techniques in their efforts to generate more leads, attract more clients, increase revenues and, overall, simply measure your marketing success more effectively, is it any wonder why marketing automation is now so popular.

There are a variety of ways that marketing automation can help business owners. Both sales and marketing teams within a company can effectively work together as one cohesive team giving primary focus to optimizing leads from one stage to the next until actual sales are made and revenues are generated.

Successful marketing automation can benefit a company by generating more leads, qualifying leads and prioritizing them, taking those leads to a sales ready status, managing each and every one of a company’s email marketing campaigns, and reporting on the overall success of marketing and advertising campaigns from start to finish.

Marketing automation uses a software platform that allows marketing departments to save not only time, but multiple resources and makes it quite simple to manage all of a company’s campaigns with and in a single solution. When utilizing marketing automation, your marketing and sales campaigns run on what is referred to as an ‘autopilot’ effect allowing business owners to give focus and attention to other important aspects of the business that are necessary to their overall success.

This software platform allows business owners to consistently see how all their potential customers and prospects are interacting and communicating with the company and affords business owners the tools needed to turn those potential clients into actual paying customers. With this remarkable marketing tool and concept, many business owners experience increases in both leads and conversions at incredibly high rates.

Specialized Features of Marketing Automation

The features are many and begin with effective and efficient email marketing. Advance email marketing helps business owners create informative and attractive emails using templates, affords the capability of running A/B testing, and allows you to test against multiple spam filters. In addition, you can either send emails immediately or you can schedule them to go out at selected intervals and all the while be able to track the success of this advantageous feature.

The next specialized feature allows business owners to nurture leads by setting up personalized automated tracking for engagement. This technique frees up valuable time to allow individuals to focus on advanced leads and eventually turn them into sales and also helps to prevent any early on leads from getting lost in the shuffle and not progressing at all.

A unique scoring and grading feature allows individuals to give primary focus to advanced leads rather than waste time chasing after leads that are apt to go nowhere. This allows you to familiarize yourself with those potential customers who are truly interested in your brand and product. In addition, it helps you to identify those prospects that fit the bill for your ideal customer profile.

Another useful feature of marketing automation is that of a tracking technique for potential customer activities. This feature allows individuals to have a full understanding of each customer’s specific interest and allows you to set up alerts so as to keep you apprised of prospects you want to be certain to follow up with.

Marketing automation also provides many types of useful forms and landing pages. This feature allows individuals to collect information about potential customers easily by way of varied forms and specific landing pages.

A final very useful feature of marketing automation is what is often referred to as ‘closed loop reporting.’ This feature provides individuals with reports that map out how well newly implemented marketing automation campaigns are performing and provides specific data as to where the leads are being generated from.

With the fast paced, high demand world we live in, it is important for business owners to be able to keep up the pace when it comes to generating leads, progressing those leads and ultimately turning those leads into actual sales. Surely, statistics tell us that marketing automation is both an easy and effective tool for accomplishing this very task.

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