Website content is the single most important component of your website when establishing a presence online. Content engages website visitors, tells the story of your business/practice, and is a soapbox to inform the public on how your products and services are the very best in the business. You may be asking yourself “Why? It’s just a website!” The answer is simple- indexing. All search engines use indexes in one way or another. The content on your website is scanned, reviewed, and then stored under a related topic. If I were to Google “Internet Marketing, Nashville, TN” companies such as Definet Contact would appear because of content that is rich in the specific keywords that I am looking for. Now, as simple as it may seem, you do not want to bombard search engines with keyword overload. In most cases, repetitive keywords will get your nowhere and may even get you barred from popular search engines. However, what will take you to the top is fresh, creative, unique content. You are the master of your trade, and there is no one in this world quite like you. Write content that will reflect your individuality but whatever you do- DO NOT DUPLICATE your content! Although it may seem redundant to write several blogs or pages on the same or similar topic, no one likes a copycat… especially search engines. Search engines send out “spiders” to crawl through your website for important, usable information. However, if the “spiders” detect the same content on a different page, the will throw out your information all together making it harder to gain ranking on popular search engines. Allow the friendly staff of DefiNet Contact; help with with your content needs. If you would like help with content or you have questions regarding SEO feel free to give our office a call!