It’s possible that one of your largest marketing tools is located right underneath your nose… or better yet, placed in the palm of your hands. And If you haven’t started yet, you’re going to want to. Ladies and Gentleman, I’m talking about twitter. Now for a long time, I couldn’t get on board. I often thought twitter was stupid, I didn’t understand the whole “re-tweeting” thing or why anyone would care what I’m doing at any particular moment- I have Facebook for that. But then, one fateful day, it all made sense.  Twitter is a wonderful sounding board to get your message or advertising out in the world in 140 characters or less in a matter of moments. Take a moment to think about it. When you shoot a commercial, on average, it runs for about 30 seconds. If you can persuade someone to buy your product in 30 seconds, you can definitely do it with a tweet. Here are some ways to effectively use your business twitter account to attract followers, improve sales, and watch your money grow.

Your CEO is the way to go!

Twitter is all about having mini conversations. You say something, someone comments back- it’s a lot like a modern chat room filled with prospects, clients, fellow businesses, bloggers, and others who can have a profound impact on your company. Use the big guns to convey your message. I’m talking about contacting your CEO. I know what you’re thinking, “He/She doesn’t have time to be tweeting! They have a business to run!” But, if they can compose a text, they can contribute to Twitter.  People use the internet for opinions and facts. Who better to get both from other than the CEO of a corporation? Many CEO’s have active blogs (and we encourage blogging) but twitter is perfect for a busy CEO on the go to communicate with your business audience, attract new prospects, and secure more sales.

Reach out and touch someone.

Do you remember that slogan from AT&T? It’s funny how after almost twenty years, I still remember that. (What fantastic marketing on their part!) It’s easy to follow someone on twitter, and in most cases when you do, they’ll follow you back. Twitter makes communication so much easier, faster, and more effective rather than sending an email, or leaving a voicemail.

Twitter is “direct” and to the point.

Twitter has recently announced that they have added a directory. This directory contains every twitter account ever made so now your twitter account is SEO friendly. When someone does a Google search on a business or person, a twitter account will appear in association with the search.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Quite possibly the most effective thing you can do with twitter is promote your brand and business. If you have a new blog post, let your followers know. If you are moving, let you followers know. Special offers, promotions, contests, you do it- you name it. Let you followers know!

Start using this quick and easy sales tool to spread awareness to new followers and convert your conversations into sales.  As we have mentioned before with social media marketing, a little goes a long way. Don’t let 140 characters or less stand in the way of your company’s success, start tweeting today! And while you’re at it, follow us at