Many times, DefiNet Contact is asked, “How did I evolve into Internet marketing if I have been involved in traditional marketing?” Most commonly our answer is to not let go of the past but better transition into the future. The world is made of websites, emailing, text, mobile marketing. So how do you make the transition? First, be financially aware of the investment that you are making. Look at your budget and decide what is working and what is “suspect”. The “suspect” money starts redirecting toward the Internet budget along with an investment on your part, to put towards your Internet marketing. How do you convert? We have found in Nashville, TN direct mailing to be the best avenue to begin with. If you currently send out direct mailings, you may want to incorporate a special offer/promotion that can only be accessed by visiting your company website. This incentive will drive your mailing audience directly to your website making them aware of your company’s presence online. Aside from website awareness, once the visitor is browsing through your website to claim the special offer, they will have to fill out a database collection form in order to retrieve the information. By doing so, you instantly are gaining access and permission to send the visitor more special offers and information about your company. If the website visitor does not provide an email, but does provide a phone number, follow up with telemarketing. This call can be short and to the point by saying “Thank you for your expressed interest in ((your company name)); we’d like send you more information on ((promotion))  but do not have your email address on file. May we have your email address? If you continuously do direct mailing with a website address or have a QR code that links directly to a landing page for database collection, over time you will minimize your direct marketing mailing cost. Think of it like this. You send out roughly 10,000 direct mailing ads every month and the cost of each is $1.00.  If you collect 500-1500 emails in a month, you are saving $500-$1500 each month in mailing! Email marketing is cost effective and will reach your audience anytime, anywhere, allowing your company the opportunity to have a smooth transition from traditional marketing to Internet marketing.