2017 has come to a close and 2018 is now upon us. Now is the ideal time to take a look ahead at what the new year has to offer with regard to new website designs. Looking on years past, and giving focus to new, innovative design concepts, it appears 2018 website design trends are off and running. From asymmetrical grids to Voice and Natural Language and everything in between, the options are many and the favored concepts have already emerged.

Asymmetrical Grids

AsymmetricalIn today’s world, perfect symmetry simply does not exist any longer. The 2018 website design trends are moving away from even split screen designs to more advanced asymmetrical grid patterns. These asymmetrical grids comprised of balanced space and text elements keep the design trendy, but all the elements organized and visually balanced, making it easy to draw the reader or observer’s eye clearly across the unique design.

Bottom Placement of Sticky Ads

We are all familiar with those annoying little ads that are constantly popping up in our apps and on our mobile websites as well as the endless pop-ups, chat boxes, and other notifications. Well 2018 trends find these annoying elements in a much less interfering position – at the bottom of the screen. Whether it’s from applications, mobile devices, desktops or tablets, this trendy new bottom placement seems to benefit all. Ads and pop-ups are no longer obtrusive and definitely out of the way for the user, but still serve their purpose and appear to work just fine.

Bright, Vibrant Colors

VibrantWe have all seen firsthand how bold colors in any type of setting can be eye catching and appealing at the same time. The use of bright colors in design, whether for flat designs, material designs, or all alone contribute significantly to any design. Bright, bold colors will always draw a viewer or user into a design and surely are an attractive element to younger viewers and users. The use of bright, vibrant colors can also change the appearance and feel of a website and give a whole new look to businesses that are not common to this tone. A website design should be appealing, attractive, and without delay, should be able to exude specific emotions. Trendy, bright colors can help to accomplish just that.

Fluid Shapes

In years past, poly shapes, sharp in design and geometry have played a big role in web designs. However, in today’s trendy world softer fluid shapes and animations have taken the lead in popularity. Unlike the sharp intersecting lines used in poly shapes and geometry, 2018 website design trends afford users fluid shapes that consist of smooth curves that softly flow throughout the unique design.

Subtle, Soft Animations

The use of creative but simple animations presents with a variety of useful characteristics. Animations can surprise users, provide important information and contribute to a more interactive experience when properly placed and used in a design. Animation is a creative tool for user engagement and captures the attention of the user all the while affording a realistic feel that can actually bring the design to life.

Voice and Natural Language Search Features

In 2018 website design trends, integrating the use of voice and natural language will be critical to the creation of website designs. This innovative design interface is a ‘must do’ for website designs. Both voice and natural language search will continue to plunge ahead in popularity and reliability which is why they should be incorporated into web design plans now. Both are being used much more than years past and will play a significant role in website design in the years ahead.

Feeling Like a Freshened up Website is in Your Future?

With 2018 now upon us and fresh, creative design trends already taking the stage, the time is now to either create or enhance your website design in your efforts to present the look, feel, and sound you need to capture your target audience and keep them coming back for more! Reach out to DefiNet Contact to get a quote for your business’ website design and let’s get you moving in the right direction for a more positive attraction in the new year! Call us at (615) 915-4460 or send us a message below to get the ball rolling with one of our rock star team members.