For smaller businesses with limited resources for marketing, it’s important to ensure that you’re focusing on the most important tactics. Of course, every business is subjective but these are a few of the most baseline areas you should be concentrating on.

A website – in today’s day and age, a website is imperative. If you don’t already have one, stop what you’re doing and go get one now! Google will push sites further down in rankings if they pick up on spelling and grammar mistakes so it’s equally important that your site is clear of all typos. Colors, graphics, and small segments of text go a long way with customers (and Google). It’s also highly beneficial to have a landing page – if you don’t already have one on your website – that allows customers to either register for your email list or a ‘contact-us’ form. It’s also great to have testimonials, articles, or case studies on your site to demonstrate to clients that you’re an expert in your field.

Be Mobile Friendly – It’s also becoming more and more important that you create a mobile environment for your website. If a mobile version of your site isn’t realistic right now, there are some steps you could be taking. Start by pulling up your website on a smartphone. There could be some easy fixes you can make to make it easier to view on a mobile device. You should also minimize having your clients print anything off – it’s best to allow them to show coupons on their phone.

Branding – We can’t stress the importance of creating a brand and logo for your business. You should always have business cards with your logo on it, and be sure to standardize your logo across all customer facing documents – envelopes, invoices, statements, etc. Creating association with your brand can go a long way.

A Sales Generation Plan – we know that you can’t just sit tight and wait on business to come your way, so it’s always crucial to have a way to target new customers. A great way is a referral program with your existing customer base. You should also start with marketing through social media by focusing on one platform. Manning all of the top social media sites can be time consuming, so it might be more beneficial to go with the one you have the most experience with. Once you feel like you’ve gotten comfortable with it, you can add another.

Stay in Touch – you should always have a way to communicate with clients. We prefer email marketing, but some businesses may prefer contact through the mail. You should always have a consistent plan for contact and stick to it, whether you’re reaching out quarterly, bi-annually, or monthly. That way you set the expectation with the consumer that they will be receiving correspondence from you regularly.