Online marketing allows business owners to build meaningful relationships with customers and potential new clients by way of personalized communications rather the ancient method of mass marketing. With that said, there are 5 essential online marketing resources and strategies all business owners must have in their efforts to pave the way for a successful business over time.


Statistics have proven time and time again that consumers look to social media when researching products and services before making an actual purchase. Facebook gives you increased exposure to not only your existing customers, but potential customers as well. In addition, it allows you to generate and gather more leads, reach your specific targeted audience, and most assuredly help build brand loyalty. Facebook also helps to increase traffic to your website, boost your SEO and absolutely helps to lower your business marketing expenses.


Today having a website for your business is an absolute must-have component of your business’s online marketing model. Without a website, rest assured, your business is at a drastic competitive disadvantage.   An online website has a variety of benefits with the first and most important benefit being business credibility. People nowadays believe that businesses that have websites are far more credible than those without any online presence.

An online website also affords you the resources needed to provide fresh marketing strategies and campaigns as well as informative data on a consistent basis, in addition to demographic information, services that are offered, addresses, and business hours all of which are crucial to the internet user in search of a product or service quickly.


With thousands and thousands of people searching on the net every day, and thousands and thousands of online businesses out there, you want to be certain that consumers can find yours quickly and easily in every Google search. This is what a Google Business/Google Maps listing is all about. You simply create a Google My Business listing, which is free, and then add your business information to Google Maps, Google Search and any other Google properties. You can easily manage how all your business information appears all across Google as well, which is instrumental in the visibility of your online business.


Abundant studies today have proven that a business blog greatly contributes to the overall presence of a business. More often than not, when a customer makes a purchase on a specific website, the business blog has played some role in that decision making process. There are a few obvious benefits to a business blog beginning with the fact that a blog can boost your search engine optimization (SEO) since search engines seriously favor continuous fresh content. Blog posts most certainly do just that – present fresh new content. Blogging allows you to utilize all important keywords that serve to increase the visibility of your business on search engine results pages. A business blog also allows you to develop relationships with both existing and potential customers and allows you to connect with all your site visitors.   Your blog can also connect people to your brand better than a typical outbound marketing technique. Your site blogging contributes to both the personality and vision of your company as well. Finally, each time you blog you create an opportunity for your audience to turn around and share your blog either by linking to it, emailing it to others, or perhaps tweeting it. In the end blogging is more or less a free marketing strategy that adds to the credibility of your business.


Your fifth and final must have for your online is email marketing which is definitely vital to any business of any size. An email, as we all know, is an effective and easy way to reach all customers, including mobile customers. More than 50% of cellphone users access their emails from their cell phones which confirms the importance of email marketing overall. Your email marketing keeps your customers informed at all times and helps to keep you connected to your customers and other consumers as well. Today, a large percentage of online shoppers elect to subscribe to store, service provider or product emails in order to stay informed at all times. Your email marketing should include email coupons since E-coupons are big business today and email marketing is truly at the heart of it all. E-coupons will drive both online and in store sales for your business as well.

Finally, we all know how inexpensive email marketing actually is. Email marketing will allow you to reach a massive number of consumers for just minimal pennies per email which is why it is the favored marketing method of most businesses over typical radio, newspaper, television or even direct mail. Email marketing is quite easy to implement and is indeed an absolute must have for any business owner.

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