Search Engine Optimization is an investment your web presence can’t live without, and the key to optimizing is simple.  It’s something you’ve heard time and time again, yet its relevance never fades. Are you ready? Here it is:

Quality content.

Search engines like Google rank individual pages, not full websites. The more quality content you have on each page of your company’s website, the more chances you’ll have to rank in the search engines.  Every website should have a defined keyword strategy, and the content should reflect that.

Be wary of adding “content for the sake of content.”  Remember, the tip is QUALITY content. Search engines like Google also measure visitor “time on page” statistics, which can indicate quality of your website’s content versus the content on other similar sites. Greater “time on page” suggests that your website’s pages provide better quality information to people searching online, so the engine ranks the page higher. Improving your “time on page” stats will also improve your individual  rank over competitors.  For one of our biggest tips on how to keep your website visitors on your page, see our blog “4 Ways Video Can Improve Your Sales.”