Who would have thought 10 years ago, that most everyone would rely on their cell phones for more than just a simple phone call? Who could have imagined (well besides the wonderful people of Apple) that phones would have the ability to set your house alarm after you have already left your residence, or help you shop online? I also could have never imagined my godchildren (ages 4 and 10) would be teaching ME how to use my iPhone. However, it is true.  All of the above have happened, and the technology and capabilities are only going to continue to grow from here on out.

To date, over 46% of the American population have smartphones. Every day they use these devices to catch up with old friends via Facebook, send and receive emails, monitor the stock market, surf the net…, which leaves me to wonder, why are so many business owners not accessing mobile marketing?  I once read an interesting projection in the New York Times that said that by the year 2016, there would be over 1 billion smartphone users. That is a large audience to miss if your business is not participating in mobile marketing. My recommendation? Get. Started. Now.

Did you know that a mobile website could help boost your Google search ranking? Recently, Google has set a high focus on mobile marketing and even have created mobile Google analytic elements to help track your business’s activity from your phone. When creating a mobile website you will want to create fast loading pages. You will want to make sure that your website is compatible with ALL smartphones and that your content is mobile marketing compatable. This will help your site with SEO. And, if you’re not convienced yet, according to our friends at Hubspot, “61% of customers who visit a site that isn’t mobile friendly are likely to visit a competitor’s site.” (You can read more from Hubspot here.) Although the process may appear to be time consuming or costly, mobile marketing is easily integrated into your current marketing strategy.  For more information on mobile marketing, call Definet Contact today!