Creating the perfect website is important to the overall success of your business. While informative content is crucial to your website as well as ease of navigation, video plays an important role in the effectiveness, retention rate, and engagement of your business’s website as well. Video is a successful tool that helps in the conversion of customer views to customer purchases in addition to the simple fact that videos help internet users to find your business online much easier.

Further, videos provide an additional means for customers to view and evaluate products being offered since they are able to view and witness firsthand how a product or service functions, sounds, moves and works, all of which is important added information consumers want and need when making that all important decision whether to purchase or not.

Statistics tell us that most consumers, nearly 90% of them, admit that videos play an important role in their decision-making process when it comes to purchasing products When a video is accessible, consumers typically feel more comfortable about their purchases. These same statistics reveal the fact that conversion rates are much higher for those online businesses that promote their products by way of a product video.

Video content impacts your website’s search results as well. Many sources have confirmed that websites that include product videos are far more likely to rank on the first page of Google results which certainly can and will have a very significant effect on your overall business. It is also important for business owners to recognize that many internet users will typically remember a video ad they have watched which ultimately leads to very specific actions following their viewing.

For these reasons and many more, video should be a primary part of your online marketing strategy. If it is not, then surely you are missing out on abundant opportunities to remain visible to all your existing and potential customers as well as staying well ahead of your competitors.


Incorporating video on your website affords you the means of communicating information about your business, products and services in a very simple fashion to your site visitors. Video is one of the best all round techniques for increasing sales and promoting your products. A video allows you to showcase your products and allows your site visitors to experience your products and company in a more intimate fashion. Your video will serve to tell a story about your company and business which is, more times than not, very appealing and useful to potential customers.

We live in quite a fast paced world today. A world where online visitors are overwhelmed with information and find themselves often confused and pulled in many different directions. With that said, it is critical to recognize that you have only a small window of opportunity within which to grasp the attention of your site visitors. In reality, you have about seven seconds to effectively promote your products or services. If you are unable to adhere to the infamous ‘Seven Second Rule” and present visitors with something of interest on your website then rest assured they will quickly leave your site and move on to your competitors and will never make their way back to your site again.


To sum it up nicely, there are several reasons why it is crucial that you add video to your website including each of the following:

  • To engage customers
  • Get your website and products noticed
  • Increase your search engine rankings
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Tell a bit about your company story

As a final thought, video certainly keeps the attention of your viewers longer and keeps visitors on your site for an extended period of time as well, which, over time, will increase your search engine rankings since video is also tracked by Google and other search engines. Video, therefore, is one more advantage for businesses to be found by search engines since they contribute greatly to search engine optimization overall.

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