Are you one of the many online business owners who grinds it out day after day, creating informative share-worthy content, building your list and target audience and pretty much rocking your customers’ worlds only to find that your monthly expenses exceed your revenues? You get a bit anxious and maybe even angry, understandably so, because more money is flowing out of the business than into it. If this sounds like you then surely taking your business to the next level and making more money is apt to be your primary focus. If such is the case, then worry no more. The answer to your problem is simple. You need to create a sales funnel.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a bit of an adventure and journey that you, as the online business owner, take your website visitors through when you are attempting to sell your services or products to them. It is one of the most core concepts of digital marketing today. Sales funnels can be complicated, but we prefer to keep things as simple as possible by following the 4 simple, but main stages of a sales funnel – read magnet, lead magnet, introductory offer, and core offer.

You want to be able to pinpoint what your sales funnel should be so as to keep your site visitors jiving with your newly created funnel. Finding practical sales funnel opportunities can be accomplished by following one of the two following strategic plans.

Strategy 1 – The Simple Way. As the name implies, this process is quite simple, but works very well. The strategy is simply to send an email out to all those on your list, perhaps using ‘I Would like to ask you a simple question’ in the subject line and then go ahead and ask: “What is one thing that you find yourself struggling with right now?” When those on your list begin responding, put together a spreadsheet of the issues and problems they present with. As you progress, you will be able to see which ones are the most popular issues at hand. Scrutinize your spreadsheet to determine the most common problems and then choose the most popular response and turn it into an inspirational tool to create your first funnel.

This simple technique will afford you the insight needed to understand your subscribers on a much more personal level since they will share with you the information you need to develop creative and successful sales funnels formulated around the desires, fears, wants and core needs of your subscribers.

Strategy 2 – The Surefire Way. You can opt to engage strategy #1 or you can take the entire process up to the next level with Facebook groups. To amp it up send along an email to your list asking them to reply back to you sharing one thing that they are currently struggling a great deal with. Just like you did with the simple strategy. Only this time add to your content that for all those that reply back you will give access to your new Free Facebook group where group members will have direct access.

Once the replies start coming in you will be able to identify common challenges and struggles that members of your audience are faced with. Choose the top 2 or 3 challenges and post a survey poll within your Facebook group asking them to cast a vote on which of the challenges presented they struggle the most with. Once you have acquired that info, you then take the highest voted challenge and use it to create your initial funnel advising your members that it is the first in a series of free content you will be providing based on the particular challenge.

This technique allows you to serve your audience, build your list, get your brand out in front of a larger audience and ensure your subscribers that you are committed to helping them conquer their struggles and obstacles. From this point forward, you will then need to blast your funnel into action using a read magnet, that entices your readers (online courses, eBooks, tutorials, or newsletters to name a few) followed by a lead magnet that builds upon your read magnet and enhances it to the next level. Next, you need to have a relevant introductory offer for new subscribers that ties into your lead and read magnet. This introductory offer plays a significant role in turning readers into lifelong customers. Finally, you need a core offer. Your core offer has to be detailed, packed with value and help your potential customers to achieve their specific outcome or goal. Your core offer serves as an inspiration for your introductory offer as well.

The ultimate goal of your sales funnels and platform is simply to solve the problems of your customers. When you are aware of what the problem is and create your content to lure them in, then offer some type of service or product that will solve their problem, then you will reap the rewards of a successful sales funnel. For more information on sales funnels and other tools for growing a successful small business reach out to DefiNet Contact today. Here’s to the successful sales approach and success of your small business!