If you are currently debating whether or not Facebook ads will be beneficial to your company, keep these three facts in mind.

1.) They are easy to construct
2.) They are customizable
3.) They are inexpensive.

When it comes to simple and effective advertisements, Facebook is becoming the new “word of mouth.”

Narrow your reach.
Notice the right hand side of your screen as you begin to select the targeted audience that you are trying to reach. A number should appear. As you specify your search, the number will appear smaller or larger. Judging by that number, that is the amount of people are you able to reach per your ad campaign. Although larger numbers may seem like the better deal, keep in mind that it is best to keep balance. Once you have established your market, you are able to adjust your audience at any time. To be completely honest, from time to time we encourage you to do so. This will not only keep your ad “fresh” but also reach different demographics at different periods of time. Facebook statistics will also be a helpful tool to help you determine the effectiveness of your ad.

It’s best to run your campaign for several weeks before tracking your progress. Facebook provides clear and concise options for your payment plans. Budget daily, or for a lifetime. Before you click submit, make sure you’ve selected the correct payment option. You will have the option at this point to choose sponsored stories or cost per click. Remember, sponsored stories are charged by the post and costs per clicks are charged according to your clickable activity. Facebook establishes a bidding process when determining the actual price of you ad. Start the bidding low. If Facebook considers your bid to be “too low” it will be rejected and another bidding option will be available. Once your ad cost is determined, the advertisement will run as allowed by your budget capacity. Once you’ve reached the max, you will no longer be charged. Once your campaign is underway, you are able to check your statistics by going to www.facebook.com/ads/manage/campaigns. This feature will track the audience as well as how many times the ad has been published. Don’t like what you see? Not a problem! Facebook allows the user to edit the demographic, message and budget at any time ensuring the best advertisement. If you found this, along with any other information to be helpful let us know! Comments are always welcome and encouraged!