Stay the Course

My background in business for over 30 years has been in the financial services and investment sector, and dealing with the stock market I have always had customers calling me worried about the market.  They say, “You know, I don’t know what the president’s going to do. Or what about the economy? Or what about Europe?”  And I look back over the last 30 years, and I’ve seen a lot of things happen in that business.  I’ve seen the World Trade Center, I’ve seen recessions, I’ve seen some of the biggest stock market crashes, and still I always tell people this: […]

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The Case for Website Content

Website content is the single most important component of your website when establishing a presence online. Content engages website visitors, tells the story of your business/practice, and is a soapbox to inform the public on how your products and services are the very best in the business. You may be asking yourself “Why? It’s just a website!” The answer is simple- indexing. All search engines use indexes in one way or another. The content on your website is scanned, reviewed, and then stored under a related topic. If I were to Google “Internet Marketing, Nashville, TN” companies such as Definet Contact would appear because of content that is rich in the specific keywords that I am looking for. […]

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Target your Market! Facebook Ads

If you are currently debating whether or not Facebook ads will be beneficial to your company, keep these three facts in mind. 1.) They are easy to construct 2.) They are customizable 3.) They are inexpensive. When it comes to simple and effective advertisements, Facebook is becoming the new “word of mouth.” […]

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