A Burning Question:

How to Develop Strong Customer Engagement?

Attention Nashville Small Business Leaders: we have a burning question for you. Has your small business been experiencing the kind of steady growth in reputation and customer base that you always dreamed of? If your answer to this question is anything less than an enthusiastic “YES!”, we have great news for you. At Definet Contact in Nashville, that’s our specialty!

As the operator of a service industry business, the Nashville online-marketing-rich culture of today makes it easier than ever for you to position your small business as a knowledgeable industry leader. Regularly sharing valuable and entertaining content with your target audience not only affirms your Nashville company’s expertise in its field, but also endears your business to current, future, and former customers. We’re seeing Professional Nashville Roofers, Plumbers, HVAC, Construction, Remodelers, Cleaning Companies, Fence & Gate Installers, and many more throw their hats in the Nashville Small Business Marketing ring, with great results! If you’re in the service industry, there’s no question that showing a genuine desire to “serve” your customer, pays off.

The Road to Success

Stay-InvolvedAre businesses who intentionally engage customers through regular sharing of interesting and helpful information and specially tailored offers really more successful? Hands down, the answer is yes. But let’s take a closer look at that question by breaking it down.

What is Customer Engagement?

Impress-customersCreating an outlet for continual interactions between a customer and a brand that strengthen the emotional, psychological, and/or physical investment with one another is known as Customer Engagement. Successful Small Business Marketing Nashville cultivates a strong, positive reputation among the business’ brand and their audience. There are many ways for small Nashville businesses to develop and maintain engaging relationships with their customer base in today’s online Nashville marketing arena. Simply spoken, positive Customer Engagement is often what most influences a customer’s decision to invest their trust – and their hard-earned money – into a business.

What are some of the best avenues for creating Customer Engagement?

More-CustomersMore people today turn to the internet as their primary source of information than ever before. That’s why a strong online presence is essential for a successful Nashville service industry business. Here’s a list of the top places to focus your efforts in developing strong Customer Engagement:



Beginning with a professional looking, informative, well maintained website is key.


A Landing Page is a single page website ideally featuring attractive, concise, and regularly updated special offers for your business. It is an easy and inexpensive way to quickly multiply your web presence. Should always include a contact form for business inquiries and data collection.


Employing regular Nashville ghost bloggers for blog entries on websites, blog sites, and/or social media websites on current topics of interest to your target demographic is a top way to generate Customer Engagement. Blog subjects should range between fun and informative.


While Facebook is still king of the social media hill, be sure to remember other popular sites like LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram to beef up your business’ engagement opportunities.


It’s important to recognize, register with, and maintain a profile with leading Nashville contractor referral websites, like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and Houzz, just to name a few. Do your homework, and then do the legwork to create a professional presence in all the places your customers are looking.


People considering hiring a company for the first time frequently turn to well known business review websites in Nashville like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp for research. That’s why it’s important to carefully monitor your standing and quickly respond to all feedback – negative or positive.


Regular sales, discounts, packages and special events tailored to your customer’s unique interests are another opportunity for engagement. It’s most effective to extend them across as many platforms as possible: your website, landing page, social media, email and direct marketing.


Reaching out to past, current and potential customers through email marketing Nashville is a very direct yet unobtrusive way to reach your market. The best part is that each campaign’s effectiveness is highly measurable, allowing campaigns to be continually customized for maximum effectiveness.

What’s the Secret?

While there’s no real secret to succeeding in the realm of Nashville Small Business Marketing, our top suggestion would be to focus on consistency. Regularly generating fresh, new, “content”, or digitally available information relevant to your business, like posts and articles, keeps you in front of the eyes of potential customers. It also serves to organically increase your SEO ranking Nashville, making you doubly likely to get in front of customers shopping for the very service you provide.

Focus on What You Do Best

You may be blessed to have a Nashville marketing superhero on staff. If so, kudos to you! However, if that’s not the case, don’t despair. Navigating the landscape of Nashville Online Marketing can be pretty overwhelming. If the concept of developing and maintaining a digital marketing Nashville plan for your small business seems daunting to you, we have a suggestion. Why not say NO to stress, and focus on what you do best?

At Your Service

At Definet Contact Nashville, we are your full-service, Greater Nashville Small Business Marketing experts. Digital Media Marketing Nashville is what we do best. Need to carve out or hone your professional Nashville online presence? Want to create and implement strategically targeted marketing plans in Nashville? Maybe you’d like to see increased lead and referral generation through Nashville email marketing? From perfecting your company’s Nashville online presence to increasing Customer Engagement, call us today at (615) 915-4460, or click on this link for a free consultation: http://social-media.definetcontact.com/.

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