If you’re like me, it’s safe to say that your go to search engine is Google. I can also safely say that if I had a nickel for every time I told someone to “Google it”… I would be swimming in a pleather of nickels. What attracts me to search with Google? Somehow, as if by magic, Google always seems to know exactly what I am looking for as soon as my query is submitted. Is it because Google secretly has a connection to the Psychic Friends Network? Or could it be because of my mad crazy ninja-like searching skills? I’m going to assume it’s because of my searching skills. And after you read this blog, you’ll have crazy ninja searching skills too. Here are 5 steps to master the art of Google search.

1.)    Specific Search:

Let’s say that you are interested in social media marketing. Instead of just typing in social media marketing in to the search bar, your best results will stem if you search specifically. To do this, you will enclose your search with double quotation. “Social Media Marketing”

2.)    Exclude Wording:

If you would like to do a search on social media marketing but would like to exclude Twitter from your search simply add a “-“ infront of the word you wish you exclude. Your search will look something like this: Social Media Marketing -Twitter

3.)    Specific Documents

If you’re looking for a specific document type (PowerPoint/Excel/Word/etc.) pertaining to social media marketing, use the modifier “filetype:” to find the content you are specifically searching for. Example: “Social Media Marketing” filetype:ppt

4.)    Don’t be afraid of the word “OR”

If you are looking for more information other than social media marketing, don’t be afraid to add “or” to your search. When doing this, Google will include content for both topics. Your search will look something like this: Social Media Marketing OR Internet Marketing

5.)    Definitions

Ever want to know the meaning of the word but can’t find your dictionary? Look no more and find the answer to your questions within seconds by searching define:desiredwordhere

These quick and simple steps will have you searching like a pro and finding your desired results in no time. If you have more tips that you would like to share with our readers, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section.