As a business owner, one of your biggest concerns is to get the word out about your products and services. You look to the internet, the newspaper, social media, television and radio advertisements… all of these methods are helpful, but why not tap into a FREE resource, one that is located at your fingertips. What is the magical creation I’m referring to? Unbelievably, your greatest advertisement is your very own clients. Word of mouth referrals are still one of the most popular avenues to attract and retain new business. You may be thinking to yourself, “We encourage our clients to share the good word about our products and services, but it doesn’t work as well as you think it does.” You may be right. Quite possibly, it could be your approach.  Many times, we focus so much on our products we forget about the buying and selling process. Think about when you visit a store. Most department stores are the same. Sure, they have different brand names but when you really stop and think about it… jeans are jeans, shirts are shirts. What keeps you coming back to a particular store over another? I love Macy’s; I think they have wonderful clothing, decent pricing, and most of the time- a helpful sales associate. HOWEVER, I only shop at Macy’s if my favorite department store is nowhere to be found. If you have ever been to a store like Nordstrom, you understand where I am going with this. Every time I have walked in to a Nordstrom, a sales associate who is kind and attentive immediately approaches me. If I know what I want, they find it. If I do not, they give suggestions. It is like having your very own personal shopper or your best friend hanging out with you while you shop. Could I get the same products elsewhere? Of course, I can. Many retailers carry the same brands. But I go to Nordstrom because of the exceptional customer service. The point of my story is that we know you have a phenomenal product. That is important when selling. Nevertheless, what will set you apart from your competitors is their experience. If you are helpful, attentive, sell at your prospects pace, know how to be assertive and patient all at the same time, more clients will be apt to share their stories with their friends. Remember, you attract more flies with honey than you do vinegar so why not start today. For better business practice tips, check out our other blog posts or call our office today for your free marketing consultation!