When you go into business for yourself, especially when you are a small business owner, your job is to do everything. You have to look at the long-range picture of what the goal is and where you want to end up. As an owner, when you go to open the business of your interest you study the product, learn the trade, perfect your skill but have you ever learned to be the CEO of your corporation? All businesses run around the same core foundation- sales, operations and finance. Many times as I look at different people running businesses, they are very focused on the technician’s side of the business. The technician is the one doing the work, and often, they wonder why they are so busy and why they are getting all the work. The reason? They are very good at what they do. However, at the same time, in order to step back and participate in other facets of their life it is difficult because maybe they are doing things that they are not trained to do. In each business, step number one is to create a customer base. In order to attract customers in any business you have to have a process to develop sales, marketing, and branding for your business.Your competitors are, especially the younger up and coming generations, utilize the internet for strategic marketing and are able to gain a competitive edge. The next step includes operations. How do we process prospects in such a way that they leave our company with an experience where they received a service with value? Finally, you have to be financially sound when running a profitable business. Cut your expenses and overhead in order to make a profit. The gap between your income and your expenses is one element that determines the quality of business. The other is when people come into your business with a positive experience. Happy customers equal better business. Initially the number of customers is what will generate your income but always remember, as a business owner a great day is a profitable day. Our job as an owner is to allocate proper time and attention to sales, operations, and finance.