Prospecting in sales is not always an easy job and successful prospectors are hard to find. Here are 4 tips to help the eager prospector meet more goals.

How to properly prospect in order to make the sale
Prospecting in Sales

1) Optimism Two of the most important qualities of sales person who is prospecting, in particular door to door and cold calling, are optimism and resilience. A good sales person has to keep on believing they will find a client while receiving seemingly endless rejections (many of the rejections can be quite unpleasant). Having a great attitude and liking people helps a great deal. When you begin to talk with a prospect, it’s easy to pick up on whether they like you or if they are treating you as just another person. You are much more likely to do business with those who like you. 2) Instinct The successful prospector, like the seeker after gold, develops a ‘nose’ for where gold might lie and instincts when talking to people that tell them whether or not the person is likely to buy.

3) Persistence And the successful prospector digs a lot of holes (fills the pipeline), and digs them quickly. A good way to remain positive is to remember that prospecting is often just a numbers game. With each “no” you hear, you are one step closer to that resounding “yes”. When you are talking to someone who seems disinterested, you may be surprised to know that statistics show the longer you keep talking with them, the stronger the likelihood is to convert them. While it is important to qualify out those who are unlikely to buy, you may also be able to persuade those who are uncertain to take the next step. This is a riskier move as many who are convinced now may regress later, but depending on your sales situation just speaking to a person may be a significant gain, in which case a longer discussion is usually warranted.

4) Process Prospecting is not just a matter of writing and calling. It involves a repeatable and well-proven methodology. Sales people who get the structure and process right are more likely to succeed. This includes gathering and managing data, and wording of letters, emails and phone calls.