With all of recent the buzz about social media advertising, Twitter has come up with their own campaign to attract new prospects and retain more clients. What is Twitter’s Tactic? Promoted Products. Not to be confused with Facebook’s “promoted posts”, Twitter offers different ways to reach your target audience at prices you can’t say no to.  As a small business owner, you understand the value of online connections.  Twitter’s promoted products are sure to reach any target audience, anywhere in the world.

Promoted Products

Twitter will actually search through other accounts with similar interests and suggest your business (to other account holders with similar issues), in the “how to follow section” of your twitter page.

Promoted Tweets

Twitter will actually monitor your tweets to see which tweets are most relevant to your audience, sharing your message with the right people at the right time.

What I like best about Twitter’s promoted products is that you only pay when you obtain a new follower or when your promoted tweet receives engagement. Twitter allows its users to establish a price per day, follower and engagement. This step-by-step simple process allows you to work within your budget and at your pace. Another benefit of this already wonderful feature is that posts are also viewable to mobile app users, so you will never miss the opportunity to make a sale!