The wonderful thing about the world of Facebook is that you have the opportunity to communicate effectively and efficiently with your fan base following! The key to attracting and maintaining Facebook fans is to provide your readers with quality content. Much like with blogging, key words are everything when writing a post. You want to make sure that you are writing information that people should want to or need to know about. In several of our blogs based on Facebook advertisements, we have discussed two forms of effective advertisements; Sponsored stories and pay per click ads. Recently, Facebook has announced yet another way to inform your fan base as well as reach a targeted audience! May I introduce to you… Promoted Posts. Promoted posts are available to fan pages with over 400 followers that read much like a sponsored story and target similar to a pay per click ad. The difference being is not only will your message reach your fan base, but it will also reach friends of your fans and specific audience demographics for a total of three days. The concept, if you will, is to create a virtual storefront for your following. You may be thinking to yourself “Finally, I will have the opportunity to combine my Facebook advertising into one unit!” and unfortunately nothing can be further from the truth. This is not a one and done concept and should collaborate with the other forms of advertisement to be successful. The key to attracting more attention however, is content. It’s best to provide important information about your business, recent developments in technology or of the new products that you will be implementing into your business. Feel free to make special offers with Facebook promotional coupons such as $50.00 off your next purchase of $150.00 or a free fashion consultation. This type of content will spark the interest of a reader and bringing them closer to your business. You can also use photographs! Nothing will sell your products or Brand more than informational content paired with attractive images. Promoted posts are simple to set up and easy to track! Start your post with a plan. Know exactly what it is that you want to say and share your message in the status update box. Instead of pushing post, click the “promote” button located to the left of the post button. If you are creating a post for the first time, you will want to select the drop down button to determine your target reach. Much like PPC’s, you are able to choose your target demographics. Also, remember the importance of budgeting. I highly recommend a setting a lifetime budget for this advertisement as opposed to a daily budget, due to the fact your post will only be “promoted” for three days. Facebook will provide an estimate on the cost and at that point you are able to decide how much exactly you’re willing to spend. Once you click “save,” your post will go live. Tracking your activity has never been easier. Facebook will generate a new campaign in your ad manager for every promoted post that you submit, tracking every impression and click that your post has generated. I hope that you find this post to be informational! If you have any questions or comments concerning Facebook’s new promoted posts or other forms of advertisement, please feel free to ask!