I personally love the New Year and everything that it represents. New beginnings, new opportunities, and a fresh start! You can also look at the New Year as a new way to promote your blogs! Here are 5 ways to get your blogs off of your website and in front of the eyes of your prospects.

1.)    First and most importantly, write your blog with keyword optimization. This can be a little tricky because, of course, you do not want to pepper your blog with the keyword you are focusing on because Google and other popular search engines will view that as spam. However, you want to make sure that your blog will be found. Use your keyword(s) wisely.

2.)    Use social media to make an impact. As I’ve mentioned in blogs before, Facebook is one of, if not the most used website on the internet. Each day hundreds of thousands of people log in to update their own status or view what others are doing. Share your blogs over social media and share them often. You never know what is on the minds of your followers and maybe today your blog is exactly the answer they’ve been looking for. Best of all this blog will bring attention to your social media page, allows followers to share your content with others, which in turn, may bring more activity and NEW followers to your page.

3.)    Personalize your social media updates. Depending on which sites you use to promote your blog, specially write your updates to appeal to each given audience. For example, if you are a part of a marketing group on LinkedIn and want to promote your post, your topic should capture the attention of marketers. Get creative. When I read blogs, I tend to read ones that captivate my attention. Chances are your viewers do the same.

4.)    Don’t be afraid of re-posting. Every day, the world changes a little bit. Your business does the same. You reach out to new prospects; your gain a new lead, your website has a new visitor. Share valuable information over & over again. Our friends at www.Hubspot.com are notorious for this, and you know what? Their content never. gets. old. You have done the work, show it off.

5.)    Last and certainly not least; comment on and follow other blogs. Commenting on other blogs with valuable, relevant information is a great way to organically attract viewers to your own blog. With that being said. DO NOT SPAM! There is nothing more annoying to a blog writer than spam comments and to be honest, this will only hurt you in a quest for followers. Interacting with the blogger and other readers is a great way to build back links and retain new followers.

I hope that these five steps will get you on the right track to successful blogging in 2013! Feel free share your stories and experiences for successful blogging. I wish you a prosperous, healthy, and happy new year!