At Nashville’s Definet Contact, we use a number of strategies to organically increase a business’s search engine rankings, such as developing information based content, re crafting search engine title tags (the blue link you click on when your page comes up on a search engine) and meta descriptions (the descriptive text underneath these blue links), and by creating outstanding new websites to optimize conversion: the number of people who visit your site and end up customers. But lately a lot of people have been asking about the other side of Nashville online marketing: Google Adwords.

For those of you who don’t know, Adwords is a paid service offered by Google that places advertisements relevant to a user’s search topic (i.e. Nashville cleaners) to the top, bottom, and sides of your search results. Unlike the other “organic” optimization techniques mentioned above, with Google Adwords, clients pay Google for an ad, similar to an ad in the yellow pages, that includes a link to a landing page and short bit of descriptive text about the product or service being sold.

While participating in Adwords may not provide a direct boost to your organic search rankings, a number of studies have shown direct correlation between positive Adwords Ranking and organic rankings. Such as:

(The following statistics are from an article by Clay Cazier at

  • A 2012 Google Ranking concluded that, “complementary organic rankings can reduce AdWords spend and, conversely, AdWords spend can pick up incremental traffic when organic rankings are low.”
  • A 2009 NYU study has shown that when a brand has both an AdWords ad and a high ranking organic result for the same keyword, metrics, like conversion rate, go up for both channels.
  • Based on these statistics, we can conduct studies of AdWords traffic patterns to determine good natural search keyword targets (e.g. if we see that “Brand X bedding” and “Brand X sheets” are doing well in AdWords, we should adopt those as SEO keyword targets.)
  • Similarly, we can use Google AdWords ad copy as a test bed for high-conversion language to use on organic landing pages.
  • Finally, the most obvious way the channels impact one another is by helping a brand control their brand’s visibility and reputation on the Google search result page.

We know what you’re thinking: It’s clear that Adwords can help with search engine optimization when working with organic techniques, but what does it have to do with my Nashville small business? And how does Definet Contact fit into the equation? Couldn’t I just create the Adwords campaign on my own?

First off, the Adwords program has local, national and international distribution, so no business is too small to benefit from a combined organic/Adwords campaign.

Second, optimizing your Adwords campaign with Google analytics can be tricky and time consuming. At Definet Contact, our Nashville online marketing experts know how to get the most bang for your buck from Google Adwords by creating specific landing pages and positive keywords.   Furthermore, we know how to effectively use the data from Google analytics to get your online Nashville business churning.

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