Have you ever stopped and wondered what makes Google so popular? It’s safe to save there is a very small percentage of people in the world who haven’t heard of this powerhouse. In fact, I’m pretty sure they have a trademark on the phrase “Google It!” Although the majority’s preference when conducting online search, I cannot help but wonder how and why this search engine is the most popular.

One possible answer: Google AdWords. Each year, hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on online advertisement through Google with a focus on Keywords. Google’s goal is to provide the searcher a pleasant experience with the best possible results. No matter your query, Google will find relevant to the keywords to your requested search.

Google has set instructions for businesses to gain maximum web exposure. If you don’t follow these instructions, it’s likely your business will end up on page 100 of organic search. We always encourage our clients to participate in organic search. Who wouldn’t want to? It’s FREE and it helps increase your ranking. However, for those who enjoy instant gratification (I’m guilty as charged), Google AdWords is a quick fix- IF it’s done correctly.

When choosing words for your Google AdWords account. Think of the words most relevant to your business. What will others type in, in order to find your business or products? Once you’ve made your selection, Google will make suggestions to provide relevant keywords that will draw visitors to your website, but most importantly, leads with the potential of sales. The best part about Google AdWords is that you determine your budget and only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement (hence the term “pay per click” or PPC). As stated before, you will want to choose words most relevant to your business or products. Google provides a quality score based on the relevancy of your keywords. If your ad possesses important information appropriate to search, your quality score will go up, and your PPC pricing will decrease. Another bonus? The higher the quality scores the better ad placement, more click through rates and higher returns.

If you are a business owner, it is possible you are throwing money away on negative keywords. Everyday businesses waste money paying for clicks with non-relevant keywords and attract people searching for products and services you do not provide. Stop wasting time and start saving money. If you need assistance on Google AdWords, or Google AdWords management, give us a call today.