When you look at your website… what do you see? Are you seeing images that deliver a “hip and modern” feel? Does your business have a family oriented small town feel? Who is your targeted audience? What message are you trying to convey? These are all very important questions when you are deciding the shape, structure, and content for you website. However, one question you should also keep in mind is “What do women want?”

Studies have shown throughout the years, when it comes to marketing, women are your number one targeted audience. We have always had a saying in my family. “If the man is the head of household, the woman is the neck!” The same can be said when marketing. To most, family is and always will be, a woman’s number one priority. It is a woman who decides which dentist she would like her children to go to. Which doctors her family will most likely see. What products her family will use. She will be your best advertisement and your worst critic, sharing successes and failures to her friends and extended family about your products and services.

Center your marketing, but do not limit it to things that women predominately are drawn to. If you are a gym owner, make sure that you market a “child friendly” atmosphere. Just because a women becomes a mother, doesn’t mean she’s going to give up her nightly gym routine. But what she may be looking for now in a gym is an atmosphere where she can go work out and know that her child will taken care of and entertained. If you are a kid friendly establishment and offer family activities, she as well as her family, are more likely to join.

Women also love to look and feel good. Use that to your marketing advantage! Everyone wants a beautiful white smile; everyone wants to feel his or her best. If you’re a dentist provide quick tips on your website to help someone achieve or maintain a brilliantly white smile, healthy living recipes during different seasons, information on cosmetics that will accentuate their smile.

Keep a woman’s perspective in mind when writing your blogs. If a reader enjoys the content that you are providing, they will share the information with their friends and family generating more referrals to your practice.

Here at DefiNet Contact, we encourage you to look over your website and current marketing campaign and ask yourself… “Is this the message I would like to convey?” for a website consultation or more information on ways to improve your marketing leave us a comment or give us a call today!