You may have the best business in the country or you have developed a product that will revolutionize the world as we know it. However, unless you have a strong and effective marketing campaign… the world will never know. Every day we have the ability to make decisions that will benefit our companies. Today, I ask you to take a moment and look at your marketing strategy. If possible, look at the growth of your company in the last five years. Evaluate its effectiveness and then think of the future. This blog is intended to help you avoid major marketing mistakes. People tend to think if they label their product with experience… it’s more likely to sell. This may be true in some cases, but at the end of the day, people care about the effectiveness of your product; not how long you’ve been in business. Put yourself in the mind of the consumer and market to the public. One question I consistently ask our clients is “What defines your business?” or “What are four things you would like to be known for?” Although the answer may appear to be easy; it’s hard for people to identify what sets their business apart from any other. If you establish a list of the services you want to be known for, your marketing will be more effective; reaching out to people in your area who are specifically looking for the service or product that your business can provide, causing your clientele to increase, and also an extreme boost to your profits. Example, if I were to Google: “Home builders in Nameatown, Michigan” a list of builders who have specialized in home building would appear. However, if I search “Custom log home builders in Nameatown, Michigan” it’s likely a different set of builders will appear or a change in the order of appearance based on their specialty. Define what makes your business a cut above the competition. Apply it to your marketing campaign and watch how a simple gesture can make a defining impact on your company. Another marketing strategy that I cannot emphasize enough is the effectiveness of blogging. If you’ve read our blogs before you know how important this can be. I know what you’re thinking…”I don’t have time!” “All I do is work” “I don’t see where it’s THAT important…” But remember one thing: quality over quantity. I understand that you work hard, blogging once a week is more effective than not blogging at all. Use your blog as an informative way to celebrate your business accomplishments, or talk about a product that you currently are using and indorse. Did your company pass a milestone this year? Tell us about it! Blogging with credible, accurate information will increase your search engine optimization. The more content you provide, the faster you’ll rise to the top of the search. Keep up with the times! The world is going viral and to remain competitive you need to also! Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, is constantly surrounding us and it can be an extremely beneficial marketing tool. Invite friends to your Facebook page to hear about upcoming events, before and after pictures, or share business success stories! Use Twitter to communicate important information now! We’ve mentioned before of the importance of video production, YouTube is the 2nd largest search next to Google. Not only will video provide visual information for a potential client or an inquisitive mind, but it will also allow a personal connection between the viewer and your business. Traditional marketing is still effective but it may not be making the most of your money. Radio ads, Television ads, may run for seconds at a time- a few times a day. Internet publications, websites, email campaigns, twitter feeds, YouTube… are all accessible 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. I hope that you’ve found this post to be beneficial. Feel free to ask questions! Comments are always welcome.