Every effective website contains the following key components: informational content, an identifiable brand, a properly placed database collection form, and location information. Each month, you have potential clients browsing through your content, looking for information to answer their questions. But what happens when the answer they are looking for isn’t located within your context? Most often, they will leave your site and move on to the next website for further information. One way to keep a visitor engaged on your website is to offer Live Chat. I know what you’re thinking, “That will never work… our phones are constantly ringing off the hook, we’re setting up appointments, sending emails, and we have heavy traffic flowing throughout the office daily…” But the truth of the matter is it takes mere moments to answer an online question. Most people will ask simple questions such as: “What types of products do you offer? Where are you located?” All of these questions can be answered with in seconds and have the ability to secure a new patient relationship between the visitor and your practice. I can speak from experience and say that our website www.definetcontact.com uses the online chat feature. It’s actually a really fascinating tool. Every day I have the ability to meet and connect with people all over the country and answer questions they have in regards to our total marketing solution. In fact, we retain many new clients because of this feature. In most cases, it is a short chat online that opens a window to set up sit down meetings that will gain new and retain current clients. Here are a few quick examples of how Live Chat has the ability to impact your business as well as new clients.

Your Business
• Eliminates phone wait times
• Increases new client revenue
• Provides a full time service for much less than a part time employee
• Does not increase staff
• Maximizes website potential

Your Clients
• Increases customer service experience
• Online satisfaction
• Promotes loyalty to business and products
• Personalizes their web browsing experience

Here at DefiNet Contact, we want to make the most of your website. For a free website evaluation or for more information on how Live Chat can impact your practice, contact our office today or visit our Live Chat option to give it a try!