Something we’ve touched on several times is knowing your consumer, but that’s usually easier said than done. Any kind of marketing strategy is going to require targeting the kind of customer most likely to frequent your business. A key component to any successful business is knowing who your audience is, thus saving you resources, time, and energy in the long run.

Start by being observant. If you have a business that includes face to face interaction with consumers, it’s easier to get a sense of who they are. Be conscious of age, gender, profession, income, marital status, etc. A landing page that encourages customers to leave their information is a great way to gather data on who is finding you online; and by observing your site traffic, you can determine data such as geographically where people visiting your site are located. Having a CRM software is also a good way to filter through your prior customers information and create a repository for future customers.

When anticipating a consumer’s needs, it’s also important that you put yourself in their shoes. What would make their lives easier? Put their needs first, and tailor what your business provides around that. A sure-fire way to fail as a business is to focus exclusively on capturing new customers. It is crucial to understand your existing customer base. Customers today are bombarded with options. While in the past it was easy to maintain them, now they could easily go online and compare prices and services within a matter of minutes. By conforming to their wants and needs, you’re hoping to stop any interest in going to another provider.

It would also be beneficial to do a practice in going through a customer experience from start to finish. Try calling in as a fake customer and see what the process is like through their eyes. You might be surprised to find some easy tweeks that could result in higher customer satisfaction. Be conscious that your solution shouldn’t be stagnant. Always try to anticipate changes in consumer needs and ways to improve.