It stands to reason. If you want to attract more customers to your business, you go where the people are. That’s why so many businesses today are on Facebook. Did you know that almost 80% of Facebook users are more likely to direct their business to a company they have liked? That’s a pretty compelling statistic! So what is the key to collecting those likes and attracting new customers? One simple word: engagement.

Facebook Contests Boost Engagement

Engagement is the ticket to Facebook success for businesses. You probably already know that regularly posting interesting and useful content is important for engagement, as is interacting with fans’ comments. But just how can you use Facebook to most effectively cultivate engagement? We recommend Facebook contests.

Why Use Facebook Contests?

Let’s be honest; everyone loves free stuff. Who can resist the lure of a chance to win something of value? Besides, contests are a great, fun way to draw new fans and generate positive buzz about your business. Done well, Facebook contests give you the power to transform “likes” into leads in your customer database, and market directly to your new contacts. Considering the ever-changing nature of Facebook, that’s essential.

How to Choose the Best Contest for Your Needs

What type of contest or special promotion is best for your small business? Here are some important factors to consider in choosing the type of campaign best for your needs:


What is your goal for this contest or promotion? Is it short term, long term, or a combination? Some businesses employ a Facebook marketing strategy that incorporates a combination of frequent smaller promotions (which may or may not include a minor prize or special offer) and less frequent but regular contests of a larger scale. Typically, the entry period for the larger contests are continued over a longer period of time and lead to a website, landing page or app to fill out an entry form. Smaller promotions tend to run for a shorter period, generally anywhere from a week to a day, and may not require more than a comment to participate.


Who are you aiming to attract? Are you wanting to cast the largest net possible, in order to introduce yourself and draw new likes? Maybe you’re more focused on converting likes to contacts? Or maybe, for example, you want to offer a very tailored service promotion that will appeal to a much smaller, specific audience, yet have a greater likelihood of converting participants into customers.


What is attractive to the people you want to attract? A “low-barrier” campaign, meaning one with minimal action required on the part of the participant, such as a page like and/or post comment, is generally a lower value item. “High-barrier” campaigns generally revolve around offers or prizes of higher value to your target, and have a greater payoff for your business that ideally results in direct conversion.


Dependent upon the goal of your campaign, the reward may be a product or service offered by your company, or it may be an alternative item chosen for its appeal to your intended target, such as a gift card, restaurant gift certificate, or vacation. For a broader appeal, many campaigns offer multiple prizes of lower or ascending values.


To choose the type of promotion best for your business, consider the answers to the factors we just discussed. In doing an assessment of your goal for the  campaign, your target, and your target’s needs and values, you will be able to make the best determination. Some of the most popular kinds of promotions include:

  • Timeline Post Contests
  • Sweepstakes Contests
  • Surveys or Feedback Offers
  • Product or Service Promotions
  • Fan Voting Contest


Need to get your special promotion seen by more eyes? Promote your contest or special offer with frequent status updates, creating and uploading a Facebook cover image featuring your promotion basics, cross-marketing through your blog, other social media platforms like Google+ and Twitter, email blasts, and Facebook ads. With a number of helpful metrics available to help you measure your ad’s impact and continually tailor the ad, investing in Facebook ads can be a terrific way to make the most of your Facebook contest.


Facebook has a number of guidelines you need to familiarize yourself with before creating a contest or special promotion for your small business. Click below for more information:

facebook promotions guidelines

From “Likes” to Leads

Does the idea of transforming “likes” to leads with Facebook contests appeal to you? We agree. it’s not hard to like small business online marketing tools that work. Need a little help creating the strongest campaign for increased engagement and results? No problem. At Definet Contact, we’re your Nashville Small Business Web Marketing experts. Our #1 goal is to help your business flourish.

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