By Lucas Leigh DefiNet Contact Marketing

With the new age in digital marketing, which includes email marketing, blogging, SEO, eBooks, videos, podcasts, enewsletters, whitepapers, social media, and many other outlets, the traditional outbound marketing has begun to take a back seat to the inbound marketing craze.

Outbound marketing includes  direct mail, radio, television advertisements, telemarketing, and other forms of traditional advertising.  While outbound marketing isn’t dead, many new companies are finding the expenses too immense when compared with the high results and lower costs of inbound marketing.

The Results Are In

According to one poll by The Globe and Mail,  86 percent of viewers skip commercials on television and 44 percent of direct mail recipients never open the direct mail piece. Contrastingly, companies that blog have 50 percent more visitors to their websites than those who don’t…with a cost nearly 60 percent less than outbound marketing.

In one instance, inbound marketing has been defined as a 3 step process: Get found, Convert, and Analyze.  A more recent model of inbound marketing shows it’s a little more detailed than that:

1. Attract Traffic

2. Convert visitors to leads

3. Convert leads to sales

4. Turn customers into repeat high margin customers

5. Analyze for continuous improvement

With inbound marketing and companies like DefiNet Contact, your company is able to bring qualified, warm leads into your sales funnel rather than reaching outward with cold calls and questionable leads.