For many of us creating informative social media content is something we all do, but surely creating content that will go viral is a whole different story. Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or expert at performing content marketing, knowing whether or not your newly created content has what it takes to go viral is nearly impossible to predict. Everybody has their own opinion on exactly what type of content can absolutely go viral, but surely, according to the expert opinions contained within this informative article on Hub Spot,, the success of your content should be focused on some type of emotion.

Whether inspired, angered, excited or otherwise, your content should be eye catching, appealing and even unique in order to grasp the attention of potential readers or viewers. You want to be certain to catch the eye of potential viewers with content that is creative and intriguing at best. As a rule of thumb you should consider two scenarios when creating your new content in your efforts to determine if it is indeed content that will, over time, go viral. The first consideration is “would anyone share this content and if so, why,” and the second is “Can this new content help individuals to be able to better express themselves?” Since the tendency is for people to share emotionally driven content it is up to you, the content creator, to identify a strong emotional driving element and elaborate on it. When content is able to excite or entice an audience and generate an emotional response that is so strong that the viewer can’t help but share it, then surely you have created outstanding content that, from the human side, is apt to go viral.

In researching the article referenced above, we found the advice of the three content marketing experts that were presented to be quite helpful. From Megan Conley, a Content Marketing Strategist at HubSpot, and Nadya Khoja, the Director of Marketing at Venngage, to Eric Peters, a Growth Marketer at HubSpot Academy, we found all these comments and analyses to be not only interesting but helpful in understanding what it takes to create content that will go viral. We learned that the first and most important step in creating content that can make its presence known in the viral world you need to have a complete understanding of what sets the standards for sharing content overall.

There are a variety of features that need be present in order for your social media content to go viral including, but not limited to, invoking laughter, joy or even awe, using lists and/or infographics, allowing viewers to feel engaged and smarter for having shared the content in the first place, helping relationships flourish, and/or allowing individuals to get the word out to the public on issues they are passionate about. Further research and studies have revealed that many people admitted sharing content because it contained helpful hints or tips, it was quite entertaining, it contained inspirational quotes, images or sayings, it shared warnings about possible dangers or even recalls, and it contained unique, eye catching facts and pictures.

It’s important to recognize that viral posts are truly a rare occurrence and that they are more times than not the exception and not the rule. With that said, in today’s world a good majority of posts that go viral touch upon many of the pointers above but it seems that many incorporated the use of lists within the content, are posts that make people laugh and/or feel entertained or excited, or contain inspirational quotes that help to inspire people from day to day.

For content marketing experts, the crème Brule of informative content and creative social media posts are truly those that, overtime, find a successful path to the ever popular world of viral social media content.