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Using New Customer Welcome Emails
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Make New Customers = More New Customers

You spend a lot of time building your Nashville small business. Between constantly finding new sources for the best products, the best staff, building skills, honing customer service, and overall, providing the best possible experience for your customer in terms quality and satisfaction, it’s a never-ending process. Of course, when your new customers are delighted with the end result, it’s all worth it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to more effectively harness positive buzz from new customers in a way that leads directly to – you guessed it: repeat business and more new customers? At Definet Contact, we can show you how to do exactly that.

Online Reviews Speak Solid Reputation

When it comes to converting leads and casual visitors to new customers, being able to demonstrate a reputation for quality, value, service and customer satisfaction is key. Your online reputation depends on feedback in the form of ratings, reviews and testimonials from past and present customers, collected and displayed across your web presence, including your company website and social media. It generally requires the customer to follow through with a level of intentional engagement that can sometimes be elusive.

Capture Positive New Customer Experiences In Glowing Reviews

Most satisfied customers are more than happy to spread the word about a positive experience with your business via word of mouth. Yet even the most sincere customers, promising to post stellar reviews about the wonderful service or product you provided, get busy, distracted and forget. These lost opportunities can really hurt a small business working to establish a solid online reputation. So what’s the best way to transform positive new customer experiences into tangible reviews that you can collect and share across multiple social media platforms? This is where the New Customer Welcome Email comes into play.

5 Reasons to Use New Customer Welcome Emails for Collecting Reviews

  • Show your customer that you genuinely value their needs and their business.
  • Provide a powerful opportunity for you to capture glowing new customer raves while the memory of their positive experience is fresh in their mind.
  • Bring new customers a way to actively, tangibly share their experience that doesn’t require any additional effort on their part.
  • Increase the likeliness of your new customer’s future engagement with your company by laying the foundation for a long-term relationship.
  • New Customer Emails boast the highest open rates, between 50% and 60%, of any kind of email marketing.

How To Create Your New Customer Welcome Email

Just Add Shutters New Customer Welcome EmailMany Nashville small businesses across a multitude of industries such as Dental, Medical, Automotive, HVAC, General Contractors and Service Industries, already use email marketing in one form or another. As an extremely non-aggressive, consumer convenient resource, email marketing has proven to drive traffic extremely well, outperforming both Twitter and Facebook. Adding a regular practice of scheduled New Customer Welcome Emails to your email marketing strategy just makes sense. If you already use Nashville small business marketing emails to share special offers and updates, implementing New Customer Welcome Emails is quite simple. Here are the basics:

1) Create your New Customer Welcome Email Template, including:
BBB review steps

    • A primary image and copy containing:
      • Strong branding
      • Your welcome message
      • A time-sensitive participation incentive (if desired)
      • Introductory company video (if desired)
    • Clear, simple review steps with clickable links for each site you want customers to leave a review, such as:
      Yelp Review Steps

      • Better Business Bureau
      • Yelp
      • Angie’s List
      • Houzz
      • Facebook
      • Google+
      • Twitter

Buttons for links

  • Buttons or links at the bottom to direct new customers to your website, blog and social media.

2) Determine when to send emails

  • Not before all products and services have been received and completed (this varies from business to business)
  • During the “honeymoon” period, while the experience is still fresh in their memory
  • Emails sent mid-week, between 10:30am and 3pm (pre or post-lunch) have higher open rates

Featured Client: Just Add Shutters

In this example, Definet Contact worked with Just Add Shutters to create a successful New Customer Welcome Email featuring a special incentive offer. New customers choosing to accept the invitation to complete reviews receive a $5 Starbucks gift card for each review completed of the three opportunities listed: Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Google+. The terms require new customers complete the review within 72 hours, and email Just Add Shutters in order to receive their gift cards. The $5 Starbucks gift card was chosen for its affordability and appeal to the target market for Just Add Shutters.

Are You Ready?

You too can capture glowing new customer reviews using New Customer Welcome Emails! Are you ready to transform new customers into more new customers and repeat business? That’s the power of New Customer Emails. At Definet Contact, we love helping you discover small business online marketing tools that yield results. Need a little help creating your New Customer Welcome Email? No problem. Definet Contact is your Nashville Small Business Web Marketing experts. Our #1 goal is to help your business flourish.

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