Running a local business today certainly requires a great deal of planning, including the development and the creation of a company website. Your website is critical to the success of your company and brand and is an important component of your business and marketing strategy. A website composed of informative and creative content contributes greatly to the overall visibility, presence and success of a business. With that said ensuring the use of relevant information should be your first step on the path to attracting your target audience and getting to the top of Google’s Organic Rankings. How do you that, you may ask. Simple, through the use of ongoing, effective local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on creating informative website content and ensuring that this very content is relevant to search engines. SEO plays a significant role in helping websites rank higher in both organic and natural search results. Effective SEO that is properly implemented easily optimizes your website in terms of keywords, links, content, and any other technical aspects of the site.

In years past, local companies simply invested in local advertising to reach their audiences and gain new customers. However, today it is imperative to invest in a local SEO campaign for these same purposes and to enhance your search engine rankings. Combining local SEO with Google Adwords is a surefire formula for accomplishing this task.

What is Google Adwords?

Adwords is a unique advertising platform created by Google.   This platform enables website owners to position their company, business or product advertisements on the top or on the right-hand side of the Google search results page and on other affiliate websites as well. This is accomplished through the use of keywords that reflect a company’s services or products. For example, a plumbing company may use such keywords as plumbing repairs, plumbers, leaks and plumbing services. A local dentist may use keywords such as dental cleanings, fillings, hygienists, and dentist. Regardless of the type of local business you have, once you have put together a useful list of keywords to focus on, you can then set up your free Google Adwords account.

Adwords allows website owners to target the search queries of online users and have their offers and ads displayed every time a user searches for a product, business or company similar to their own.   The internet user then clicks on your advertisement whether at the top or on the right-hand side of the results page and it takes them out to your site or to your landing page. So, you can see how beneficial it is to create informative content through SEO and Adwords.

Optimizing Your Website

Once you have put together your keywords, opened up your free Google Adwords account and have defined your target audience you can then begin optimizing your website. Beginning with your homepage and headline, make certain your title tag and headline are both descriptive and concise.   Include a brief description of your primary services and a call to action on your home page as well. Follow your home page with a series of individual service pages, one page for each service provided and be sure to include relevant keywords on each page.

The next step in implementing your local SEO campaign is to develop online citations, or single line listings of your company. Each listing should be identical and should be included in directories that are targeted to your type of business. In addition to citations, it is important that you include links on your website of other companies’ products or services that may be of interest to your target audience. Take time to develop relationships with other companies and trade links in your efforts to offer visitors to your site complementary products and services that are of interest to them. Analyze your entire website from our friends at First Site Guide at no charge!

The final step is that of collecting reviews to include on your site. Google My Business Page reviews are the best for boosting your rankings. Be sure to reach out to your existing clients via an email which will include the link to your Google My Business Page and ask them to write a direct review through this link. Your quickest rankings boost will come from these reviews more so than other review sites.

As you have now learned, a local SEO optimization campaign strategy is essential to the overall visibility and success of your local business!