If you’re like many business owners, you spend countless hours thinking of ways to share your products and services with the world around you. Take off your thinking caps kids, Google and Definet Contact are here to help! The answer to your query is Google AdWords. I’m sure some of you are thinking… “DUH!!! I’ve only been using AdWords since the beginning of time! … What else is new?” However, what you may not know is that so many people are not using Google AdWords to their fullest potential. Google AdWords takes time and nurturing, but in the end, your ROI is bound to grow. My grandmother always told me to “focus on the positive” (in life) but Google and Grandma have different views.  With Google AdWords, negative keywords actually have a positive effect on your ad click through rate.  Google defines a negative keyword as a keyword that prevents your ad from being displayed due to a “trigger” keyword or phrase. If you are a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, Georgia, you will want to arrange your keywords so that people seeking cosmetic “plastic” surgery in Atlanta do not see your ad. Keywords like “Cosmetic Atlanta” or “Cosmetic Georgia” may be a bit too broad. People searching for dentistry, plastic surgery, and even cosmetic makeup may think that your ad is the answer to their search query. These keywords may result in lead generation, but chances are- it will just cost you time, money, and lower your AdWords quality. Here at Definet Contact, we make Google AdWord management easy for you. We start the process with a detailed consultation to determine what products you want to promote, your target audience, and the benefits of your products. This will allow us to create a Google AdWords campaign that will not only bring leads to your door, but also keep money in your pocket. Best of all, our detailed monthly reports allow us to show you the results and improvement on your ad campaigns. Start saving money and seeing results. Call our office today for your no obligation Google AdWords consultation.