You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is Google+?” What may have started out as a social media flop, has quickly gained speed and is well on the way to revolutionizing your social media experience. Take a moment to think about your personal Facebook page.  On it you have friends, family, co-workers, maybe your boss, people from high school or college (maybe some you liked and some you didn’t), people you felt obligated to add as a friend but you don’t want them to know your personal business… Do you really want everyone to know what’s going on in your life 24/7? We’ve all hit the hide button on “incriminating photos” or changed statuses so we wouldn’t lose our jobs. But wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t HAVE to do those things? Google+ does just that. Allowing the opportunity to share information with a select group or “circle” informing those you want to reach and disregarding the ones you do not. Google+ is all about sharing important information with the specific audience circle that will benefit the most, personalizing yours and their web experience.

In the past, Google looked at the links that connected relevant information between sites. Now when you conduct a search, they are looking for connections between people making its recommendations in almost a “word of mouth” format. That’s just a preview of what it can do for you personally. Here is a fantastic article we’ve found written by Christina DesMarais, explaining new and exciting features of Google+ for business. From Google+ Gets Down to Business “…It’s an interesting play, considering that 40 million individuals and 4 million businesses are already using the Google Apps business suite. Now all those people can make apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Docs more social…” To continue reading click here