Take a moment to think about your sales strategy… are you a person or a part of a corporation who believes cold calling gets your foot in the door? Do you purchase email lists? Do you have a telemarketing agency doing advertisements for you? Do you travel to trade shows or participate in seminar series? If you have answered yes to any of the listed, it is likely you are an outbound marketer. We’ve all heard the saying “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” but I can give you two strong examples as to why you should consider inbound marketing as opposed to outbound. You may be asking yourself… “What exactly is outbound marketing?” Picture if you will, a fishing net. Outbound marketing is like casting a net out into an open body of water. Maybe you’ll catch something, maybe you won’t. The opportunity to reach however is endless. But, If a fisherman were to go out into the middle of a pond, without doing research on depth or aquatic life, chances are he’s not going to catch a great white shark. See what I’m saying? The more you push information on people, the less likely they are to listen. Another great example of why outbound marketing practices are out of date, is Caller IDs. These brilliant little machines were invented to pre-screen calls. Although, we may not always want to talk to family or friends, I can never remember a time when I saw an unfamiliar corporate phone number appear and thought… “OH! I bet they have something wonderful to say or are selling a life-changing product that I can purchase! I think I’ll pick up!” We have spam blockers on our email to prevent unwanted emails, no solicitation signs in store windows; even radio has cut commercial time in half. So why spend time and effort selling to people who clearly are not interested in what you have to offer. That’s where inbound marketing comes in. Inbound marketing is the practice of sharing information but allowing people to find you when looking through a specific search, organically. To effectively share this information, you have to design your website with your product/purpose in mind. If people search “Video Internet Marketing Nashville” you would want your website to contain so much relevant information that it literally screams “WE DO VIDEO INTERNET MARKETING and WE’RE IN NASHVILLE!” How can you do this? It’s simple- blog. You are the expert of your services, who better to write engaging articles? In years past, most people focused 90% of their attention to outbound marketing, but the way the world is going, It would be best if you devoted 90% (if not more) of your efforts to inbound marketing. Over 80% of adults use the internet, and that number is continuously growing. Facebook has over 900 million users. My 89-year-old drama professor uses Facebook more than I do! Yesterday, I saw a baby, (not even a child mind you) operate the same iPhone that took me months to figure out with ease. It’s time you get with the program and focus on an audience that actually wants and needs your products and services. For more information on inbound marketing, contact our office today!