As we have said in previous blogs, video is a key ingredient to marketing success! To end this series of blogs about the importance of Facebook advertising, that last thing we are going to talk about is incorporating video into your Facebook fan page. Compared to Google, Facebook is the largest, most visited, website with over 800 million active users. Take a moment to think about how much you yourself visit Facebook. I speak only for myself when I say I visit at least 20 times a day. Whether its work or personal related, I’m constantly updating my personal and business pages, checking out friend and other business related Facebook pages to see what my friends or favorite companies are up to and what products they’re looking at. Video is a fantastic feature that you are able to add to your Facebook fan page, in many ways. First being, you are able to establish a personalized welcome video on your fan page under the “welcome” tab. Now, due to the recent timeline upgrade, people are able to see which articles you have read or videos you have watched, in their personal newsfeed. It’s almost like a “free” form of advertisement. If it is entertaining, curious minds will want to watch as well. We live in a digital age. People want information at their fingertips- That is why websites such as YouTube so popular. If you are unaware of how to do something, or you want to better understand how something works, what do you do? YouTube it! So why not incorporate your YouTube videos with your Facebook page! In order to be “found” on YouTube, people have to search for a related topic. Your Facebook page, however, is able to reach your fans and fan friends with a simple status update or post. One advantage to Facebook video as opposed to YouTube is that you have extra viewing time to reach your targeted audience. YouTube videos last a maximum of 15 minutes whereas Facebook videos allow up to 20 minutes of viewing time. Although, I personally recommend having both YouTube videos for your business as well as Facebook video posts, remember you can never have “too much advertising.” Our goal at DefiNet Contact is to ensure that your practice is reaching its targeted audience and gaining the maximum amount of exposure, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.