If you have not taken the time to do so already, you may want to jump on the Facebook for business bandwagon and reach out to its over 800 million users. With the help of Facebook, small businesses can leverage the features and functions of Facebook to attract clients and gain new business. In this blog, you will find four simple solutions to help your business gain Facebook success and become much more profitable in the process.

Time is Money… and Money is Time!
The first item we are going to address is time management. It is obvious that because you are a business owner you are constantly busy. As my father, a former business owner, always said, “Owning a business isn’t always fun in games. No matter what the time is, you’re always on the clock.” I understand that your phone is constantly ringing, and that you have patients booked from 8 am until 5 pm. It seems as if you never have a moments rest to yourself, so the last thing on your mind is when your last post to Facebook was. I am willing to bet that you only spend moments at a time updating your businesses page. Although the effort is recognized and helpful to some extent, it will not drive clients or future clients to your business’s door. I strongly suggest that you devote at least on hour a day updating your Facebook page. I know! I know it seems like a lot. Instead of looking at it as a solid 60 minutes, why don’t you break it down to six ten minute increments? Make Facebook apart of your daily routine. Share posts or updates with valuable information with your fans throughout the day. These postings will allow your viewers to share with other friends creating more traffic and recognition to your Facebook fan page. When you only post once per day and the information is not very valuable; you are missing the opportunity to connect with people all around the world. Make Facebook apart of your schedule and watch what it can and will do for your business.

Content is Key!
Now that we have addressed how often you should post, let us focus on the content that you are providing! One mistake that is commonly associated with business pages is that most posts are one-dimensional. This style of posting does not allow the opportunity for your viewers to interact with postings and in many cases, leave little or no room for open discussions. When posting, consider using links, photographs, information from your blog, or anything that will keep the fan engaged and searching for additional information. Insist that your viewers post their thoughts and views on the given topic. This will not only spark a connection with that particular visitor but will also open up interaction between the rest of your viewing audience. Once the cycle begins, people are more likely to share your post and recommend that their friends do the same.

As with life, timing is everything. This too can be said in regards to your Facebook postings. Many studies have been conducted to conclude what is the best possible time to post to your Facebook page so that it will reach your targeted audience. Every result will tell you to shy away from Monday postings. Let’s be honest. No one likes Monday mornings. In most cases, we are not fully awake or prepared to face the day until at least noon! At that point, we are trying to play catch up on the first several hours we missed because we were in the process of waking up! By mid-week, we typically have a handle on our schedules and can take time to look at things such as Facebook. Most studies conclude that Thursday, Friday and Saturday, are the most effective days to reach your targeted audience. The highest percentages of users on Facebook at this time typically are on online at 4 am, 7 am, and 11 pm. Obviously, I do not suggest posting all hours of the night, but be aware these are the most hours in which your page receives traffic. Isn’t it amazing to know the most effective marketing happens after business hours? Choose your content wisely and make every post count!

You’ve got Drive to Stay Alive
The last, and quite possibly the most important feature when using social media is knowing how to drive traffic to your Facebook page. Along with engaging content and promotional ads, you may want to consider running some sort of contest or special offer that will keep your visitor engaged with your Facebook page and consistently checking your site. Let me give you an example on what I have experienced firsthand. I am a professional dancer for the NFL. I, as well as dancers across the nation, had the opportunity to enter a contest to become the next face of a new professional sports apparel designer. Over 200 women saw this opportunity as an avenue to gain modeling exposure and more exposure for their home team. Not everyone could enter; you had to be a member of college, semi pro, or professional dance team. At the time of entry, this particular designer had only 215 Facebook followers. Although some may say that that is impressive, they saw this model search as an opportunity to provide more exposure for their business. The first phase of competition in determining a winner began with an online vote. Viewers would have to vote to get their girl into the top 60 judging. Polls were open for several days and if you were a first time visitor, in order to support your girl, you had to like the page. With over 200 girls vying for this single opportunity, you can imagine that the competition would become intense. After 5 days of voting, the page that started with 215 likes, ended up with over 15,000. Imagine the recognition you can gain for your business with an online contest! Not only will this increase the visitors on your page, it will give your business a strong branding presence on Facebook. Pairing your current marketing plan with the benefits and features of Facebook will continue to aid in the growth and success of your company! Do you have a Facebook success story? If so, I would love to hear it! Comments are always welcome!