They say the best things in life are free right? So what if you could have a free calling app on your iPhone? What if Facebook provided a free calling app? Earlier this month, I wrote a blog speaking of how Facebook is well on its way to becoming the new Google with Graph Search. While reading the news today, I see that they have taken the Facebook mobile app one-step further. Move over Verizon- Facebook is coming for you. Well, sort of.  Recently Facebook has announced voice calling and messaging features to their mobile application that allows a “free calling” app to US & Canadian resident iPhone users. Of course, nothing in life is truly “free” this feature will require the use of data or Wi-Fi connection. While somewhat “revolutionary” for a social media website, the kinks are still in the process of being worked out. Calls have been reported to cut out, have bad reception, and as you could imagine the speakerphone option isn’t exactly ideal for “important” conversations as it’s extremely choppy. What is your take on Facebook’s new free calling feature? Comments and questions are always welcomed!