Are you a fan of your Facebook Fan page? Seriously, are you? Take a moment to look at your Facebook fan page branding. Do you like what you see? Is it visually appealing? Does it convey your message and represent your brand completely? Yes, no, maybe so?

If not,  you should do something about that asap because what I’m about to tell you may come as a bit of a shocker… Most people judge your brand by your Facebook fan page (and not your website). Hard to believe isn’t it? But truthfully, it makes sense. Because Facebook is such a wonderful marketing tool, fans are able to share your products and updates with their friends, thus casting your virtual marketing net a little bit further. And although these new found fans may not visit your website, you can be assured they are reviewing your fan page and developing a personal opinion. According to studies conducted by our friends at Lab42, 87% of Facebook users like brand/fan pages.  75% of users feel more connected to a brand because of their fanpages. 69% of likes come because of a friend recommendation. With that being said… what motivates someone to like your fan page?

Top motivators are

Promotions and Discounts


Loyalty and Trust


Reasons for users to discard your fan page

Too frequent of posts

Disappointed in Brand

Bad customer service experience.

Don’t let a bad business fan page stand in the way of success! For information on Facebook branding or fan page construction, call our office today!