The Importance of Incorporating Video into Your Website

THE USE OF VIDEO CONTENT ON YOUR WEBSITE Creating the perfect website is [...]

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America Wants your Small Business and We Want You.

According to a recent poll by the Washington Post, 90% of Americans give [...]

Creating Your Marketing Plan with DefiNet Contact

Learn More About Creating a Successfull Marketing Plan with DefiNet Contact and Our [...]

6 Ways to Create a Great Video

How would a video work for your website? Generally speaking, you will expect [...]

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Back to School for Your Marketing

It’s that time of year! The kids have gone back to school, and despite the hot weather, summer is quickly drawing to a close.  In a way, it’s back to school for our businesses too!  Use these 5 tips to make the most out of those age-old Back to School lessons. […]

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Managing Clients for a Better Business

The best customers come from word-of-mouth marketing. No matter what your marketing strategy is, one of your biggest goals should be pleasing the customer to the point that they can’t wait to tell their friends about the great experience they had with your business. To make that happen, you will need to help the sharing process. Here are 3 of things you should be doing: […]

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Tips for Integrating Video Into Your Website and Marketing

1. Engage at the starting line! 20% of online viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or fewer, according to research by Visible Measures.  Discouraging as that sounds, the key to overcome that statistic is strong content with engaging delivery. Start strong with your most important and engaging points to increase the number of viewers who keep watching.  Then, keep it succinct.  Your marketing video can’t be a cross-country run: it’s a sprint. […]

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4 Ways Video Can Improve Your Sales

1. What’s the hardest part about pitching to someone who doesn’t want what you’re offering?  Disinterest.  If you’ve ever delivered a pitch to an unreceptive audience, you know what I mean.  With good SEO, someone on your website is already searching for the service you can offer, and you have the unique opportunity to speak directly to them while they’re most receptive.  With a video, you can deliver your pitch to someone who wants to hear what you’re going to say, and why?  Because they were already looking for it. […]

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New Year, New Possibilities! Increase your sales in 2013

Happy New Year from all of your friends at Definet Contact! As 2013 begins, we would like to remind you of all of the profitable ways to increase sales leads and secure business. Much like life, everything comes to those who work for it. Here are six guaranteed ways to grow your business in the year(s) to come. […]

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