4 Video Ideas That Will Make Your Website POP

 1.  Intro video No longer than 30 seconds, a website video introduction should catch the viewer’s eye, spark the viewer’s curiosity, and inspire your viewer.  In simpler terms, it should make your viewers feel good about being on your website while also intriguing them enough to dig a little deeper. Here’s a tip: only connect your video intro to the homepage.  There’s nothing less user friendly than clicking a link that results in an introduction before allowing viewers to see the information they seek. […]

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Promote Your Tweets with Promoted Products!

With all of recent the buzz about social media advertising, Twitter has come up with their own campaign to attract new prospects and retain more clients. What is Twitter’s Tactic? Promoted Products. Not to be confused with Facebook’s “promoted posts”, Twitter offers different ways to reach your target audience at prices you can’t say no to.  As a small business owner, you understand the value of online connections.  Twitter’s promoted products are sure to reach any target audience, anywhere in the world. Promoted Products Twitter will actually search through other accounts with similar interests and suggest your business (to other account holders with similar issues), in the “how to follow section” of your twitter page. […]

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Get “In” with Inbound Marketing

Take a moment to think about your sales strategy… are you a person or a part of a corporation who believes cold calling gets your foot in the door? Do you purchase email lists? Do you have a telemarketing agency doing advertisements for you? Do you travel to trade shows or participate in seminar series? If you have answered yes to any of the listed, it is likely you are an outbound marketer. We’ve all heard the saying “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” but I can give you two strong examples as to why you should consider inbound marketing as opposed to outbound. You may be asking yourself… “What exactly is outbound marketing?” Picture if you will, a fishing net. […]

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