Make Content Count with Promoted Posts!

The wonderful thing about the world of Facebook is that you have the opportunity to communicate effectively and efficiently with your fan base following! The key to attracting and maintaining Facebook fans is to provide your readers with quality content. Much like with blogging, key words are everything when writing a post. […]

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Promote Your Tweets with Promoted Products!

With all of recent the buzz about social media advertising, Twitter has come up with their own campaign to attract new prospects and retain more clients. What is Twitter’s Tactic? Promoted Products. Not to be confused with Facebook’s “promoted posts”, Twitter offers different ways to reach your target audience at prices you can’t say no to.  As a small business owner, you understand the value of online connections.  Twitter’s promoted products are sure to reach any target audience, anywhere in the world. Promoted Products Twitter will actually search through other accounts with similar interests and suggest your business (to other account holders with similar issues), in the “how to follow section” of your twitter page. […]

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America’s Newest Craze: PINTERST

Chances are, if you’ve hopped on the

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Target your Market! Facebook Ads

If you are currently debating whether or not Facebook ads will be beneficial to your company, keep these three facts in mind. 1.) They are easy to construct 2.) They are customizable 3.) They are inexpensive. When it comes to simple and effective advertisements, Facebook is becoming the new “word of mouth.” […]

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Make the Most of Marketing with Facebook!

If you have not taken the time to do so already, you may want to jump on the Facebook for business bandwagon and reach out to its over 800 million users. With the help of Facebook, small businesses can leverage the features and functions of Facebook to attract clients and gain new business. In this blog, you will find four simple solutions to help your business gain Facebook success and become much more profitable in the process. […]

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