Get More with Google+

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is Google+?” What may have started out as a social media flop, has quickly gained speed and is well on the way to revolutionizing your social media experience. Take a moment to think about your personal Facebook page. […]

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Facebook Provides Free Calling App to U.S. iPhone Users

They say the best things in life are free right? So what if you could have a free calling app on your iPhone? […]

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Facebook Graph Search. Will Facebook Snag Google’s Clout as the Best Search Engine?

Well folks, Facebook has done it yet again. They’ve found a way to make our life a little easier while getting our social media fixes. How do they intend to do this you ask? The answer: Graph Search. I know what you’re thinking. “Awesome, but Google does that, so what gives?” Although you make a valid point, Graph Search will now take word of mouth advertisements to a completely new level. […]

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Are you a fan? Facebook Fan Pages

Are you a fan of your Facebook Fan page? Seriously, are you? Take a moment to look at your Facebook fan page branding. Do you like what you see? Is it visually appealing? Does it convey your message and represent your brand completely? Yes, no, maybe so? […]

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New Year, New Possibilities! Increase your sales in 2013

Happy New Year from all of your friends at Definet Contact! As 2013 begins, we would like to remind you of all of the profitable ways to increase sales leads and secure business. Much like life, everything comes to those who work for it. Here are six guaranteed ways to grow your business in the year(s) to come. […]

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Pinterest Business Accounts

A few months ago, we wrote a blog about how businesses should take advantage of the new social media mogul Pinterest. The difference between that blog and this one is that months ago, you could promote your business, but you had to do it from your personal account. However, now you can subscribe as a business owner to make your marketing much more effective. […]

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Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

There are many great business uses for Twitter, like sending out news briefs or advertising the latest job opening.  Most businesses that are just tapping into the social media realm tend to shy away from Twitter.  Here are tend reasons why you should start using Twitter to promote your business! 1. Microblogging This one is a no brainer, but in the rush to put Twitter to other uses, many businesses forget its first use as a micro-blogging tool. And it is still one of the best uses. It’s easy to make a quick tweet telling the world what is happening at your business today, what specials are being offered or reminders about special holiday hours. And it is a great way for loyal clients or customers — even those halfway across the world — to keep connected to your business daily. […]

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Give A Hoot About Social Media

Whoever said sharing is caring would be in hog heaven with all the social media networks we have today!  If you’re like me, it’s all a little overwhelming!  Not only is it hard to keep up but it’s also hard to know which ones your company would benefit from and once you have that figured out then you have to manage them all! The latest trend is managing your social media all in one place. […]

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Why Twitter is So Important for Your Business

It’s possible that one of your largest marketing tools is located right underneath your nose… or better yet, placed in the palm of your hands. And If you haven’t started yet, you’re going to want to. Ladies and Gentleman, I’m talking about twitter. Now for a long time, I couldn’t get on board. […]

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