If you are a business owner then surely you are aware of the significant role your business’s website plays in the overall success of your company. With changes in technology, increases in demands, consistent competition and, of course, customer demands and expectations, it is critical that business owners stay on top of their site content. With that said, here are several elements that are essential to maintaining the overall presence and success of your website in 2017.


In today’s competition to be found by potential customers, every business must present with a mobile, responsive website design since a mobile experience is a primary part of Google’s core algorithm for determining your site rankings. The use of nonresponsive technology and strategies is, by far, the biggest downfall of many an online business and indeed detrimental to your business and business success. If your website is not responsive or does not afford potential clients a mobile experience, then chances are slim that your company will be found in searches performed by prospective clients.


It is important that any visitor to your site is able to complete any transaction, including purchases, with ease, while ensuring that all their relevant data is not only transferred appropriately but tracked. Your website planning should always include integrating your business process technology, specifically your purchase and order processing system. In addition, it is essential that your customer relationship management (CRM) is spot on, and that both your e-commerce shopping cart and your marketing automation (MA) are properly initiated and integrated in order to make visitors’ online experiences fast, easy and effective. These integrations are crucial to the overall success of any company.


In order to enable consistent and fast updates and changes of all types to your website pages and images, a content management system is required. This system allows not only your own staff, but marketers to be able to make additions, deletions, and other changes as needed to your website quickly and efficiently, as well as effectively manage SEO content and branding. In summary, a CMS allows for easy, efficient, and effective management of your website which then affords you, the business owner, more time to give focus to running and perfecting your business.


Your website must be able to accommodate both basic and advanced search engine optimization (SEO). The creation of a website that is search engine friendly is essential to your intended users while meeting the needs of both search and social media. Giving focus to HTML markup, effective meta-tagging, proper link strategies, and the implementation of local SEO initiatives and varied social connections are all primary to your SEO website and contribute greatly to the overall visibility of your website and the success of your business. Effective SEO when incorporated makes your website completely functional and indeed noticeably competitive as well.


Website owners know full well that you cannot cut corners when it comes to the hosting needs of your website. You must take into consideration the technological needs and overall functionality of your website when choosing the right hosting infrastructure for your site. Typically, and especially today, an HTTPS, secure server or an SSL meet with the necessary requirements to keep your bandwidth, security, management of your site traffic, and other website components fully functioning and provide search credibility and overall site visibility. Effective, top of the line hosting, will contribute to better rankings, and alleviate any fears and security concerns your prospective customers and site visitors may have when experiencing your website.


We all know full well the importance of presenting informative and credible content. By displaying such content you build customer trust and provide assurance of both the credibility as well as capability of your business. Such content would include Industry Accreditation Badges, case studies, customer reviews and testimonials, press releases, industry awards and even social media links with varied reviews.


When all is said and done, peruse through your entire website as if you were the visiting prospective customer. You want to ensure that visitor experiences to your site are not only pleasant but productive as well. Check the speed of your web pages, your contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, maps, and directions), and make certain that you offer clear navigation to all visitors. In addition, a supported path to quick conversion is necessary as are well designed menus. Further, you want to treat every page of your website as if it will be the first page visited and make certain you provide clear and compelling Calls to Action.

In today’s world, the competition is never ending. However, the business that presents with a well-constructed website that incorporates effective design and layout, informative content, innovations in technology and gives focus to customer expectations and needs, is sure to delight in the overall success of their business over time.

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