Mobile Marketing – An Effective and Strategic Growth Plan

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Business owners across the globe know that in order to survive and be successful you have to engage in aggressive marketing. Choosing the appropriate strategic growth plan for your business is essential to your overall [...]

What is Marketing Automation?

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Marketing is key to any business, as we all know, and with so many different types of marketing techniques available it can sometimes be difficult and challenging to find the ideal marketing strategy for your [...]

Is Content Marketing Right for Your Business?

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Business owners are surely aware of the importance of providing creative and informative content on their websites and other online resources. Informative data comes in a variety of forms, including a perfectly designed landing page, [...]

Paid Placement- Using Google Adwords to Increase search Engine Optimization.

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At Nashville's Definet Contact, we use a number of strategies to organically increase a business’s search engine rankings, such as developing information based content, re crafting search engine title tags (the blue link you click on [...]