Chances are, if you’ve hopped on the Social Media bandwagon you have heard of America’s newest addiction…Pinterest. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is a virtual pegboard for “pinners” to share photos and videos of all of their favorite products and current crazes. Not only do viewers and fellow pinners get to share and spread ideas, these pins are actual live links so you are able to click on the picture and view instructions on how to create it, make it, or where you are able to purchase it, allowing the opportunity to expand brand and product awareness. In this blog, you will find key information for Pinterest business success.

Plan to Pin!
Since Pinterest is composed of a collage of pictures, please keep in mind- Image is everything. Pick out as many images as you’d like to share with the world about your business. Once you’ve established what images you will be using, categorize and organize the images. Attractive, relatable images will help catch a viewer’s eye and ultimately attract followers.

More than just a Photo.
Pinterest allows pinners to post videos for all of their favorite products. Customize thumbnails to show highlights of your Video by choosing visually appealing images for the snapshot. Once the viewer clicks on the image, the video will instantly begin to play and further direct the viewer to your website for more information.

Play the name game!
Get creative when naming your pinning boards. The more detail you provide, the more creative the name, the more people will want to view and share your images and boards with others!

Pin to Win!
Get creative and engage in your Pinterest account. Of course, the main objective is to spread your brand awareness and attract attention to your business, but allow your creative side and personality to show in your boards. This will attract more followers to your page and inadvertently do advertising on its own! One mistake that is commonly associated with business or brands that are new to Pinterest, are constant postings of the same image. This will not only distract clicks to your images, videos, and ultimately website, but it will cost you members of your fan base following.

SEO is the way to go!
If imagery is the head of the Pinterest conglomerate, Searchable content is the neck. Although several images will appear the moment a user signs on to their page, people turn to the search navigation bar to find exactly what they are looking for. Images containing relevant keywords, (much like Google search) are first to be found. For example, I just searched “Dream Home” on Pinterest and several images for houses, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms appeared containing more information on ways to replicate those exact images. Choose your keywords accordingly and think of how you would personally search for your product, as a pinner. Pinterest is also a wonderful way to expose and bring to life any former images or content that you have used in the past! Did you write a great blog two years ago about how fen shuing your home changed your life? Pinterest wants to hear about it! (and so do your followers!)

Although new and somewhat uncharted territory; Pinterest has made a lasting first impression and doesn’t appear to be fading from the spotlight any time soon. The way I personally see it, Pinterest can only HELP your business rather than hurt it. By implementing Pinterest to your website viewers and users will be able to pin information or images off your page with just a simple click of a button. This is just one more way to reach out to your social media followers when they are not engaged on Twitter or Facebook!