According to a recent poll by the Washington Post, 90% of Americans give small businesses a favorable view, as opposed to 61% who view major corporations in a positive light. At Definet Contact Nashville, we too are on the side of the small (and medium) sized business.

While the customer service you offer may be superior to that of a major competitor, and while the consumer may be on your side, oftentimes it’s difficult to expand your business to clients outside your neighborhood. Let’s face it, when it comes to building a customer base, word of mouth is never going to go away, but in the growing world of internet and social media, you need more than a few chatty (and happy) customers to expand your business. That’s where we come in.

Definet Contact is a full-service Nashville Internet marketing company based in Tennessee. Although we have clients throughout the United States, we stayed true to our roots and started our mission to help grow small businesses here in Nashville by providing retailers, dentists, non-profits, local medical organizations and other service oriented businesses with social media, web presence, and E-mail marketing. Over the past few years, we’ve become the leader in Nashville small business social media, Nashville small business web presence, and Nashville small business E-mail marketing campaigns.

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The Power of Blogging

Blogging. We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t blogging that thing “20 somethings” do while they’re backpacking across Europe, to chronicle their love lives, food, music, fashion tastes, etc. What does blogging have to do with my business?

Actually, a lot.

Blogging Services direct traffic to a website by creating more pages for search engines to index. Search engines use keywords to determine relevance in their client’s searches. The more pages and keywords your brand has logged on a certain topic, the higher up you appear on a search engine’s list.

I.e.- A while back we were doing campaigns for dentists local to Nashville. Our clients were struggling to generate traffic to their sites. Nashville’s Definet Contact implemented a bi-monthly blog posting highlighting keywords such as “Nashville Dentist,” “Dental Services Nashville,” “Pediatric Dentistry Nashville,” etc. and watched as our customer’s website traffic, and in house business, soared. Today, if you go to a dentist from a Google search in Nashville, chances are, we’re the reason you’re there. So when your wife compliments your smile, you’re welcome!

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