Email Marketing is a great tool for small businesses mainly for the response report you receive.  Ever wonder what the email marketing response report really means?  We all know that today’s inbound marketing trumps yesterday’s traditional outbound marketing.  Not only does inbound marketing cost significantly less but the response report contains priceless information.

If you’re like me, email marketing (e-newsletters) has always been a little sketchy, kind of like glorified spam.  But for the past two years, I’ve worked in the industry and I’m starting to really see just how vital it is to a small business owner. Response is everything; especially in this industry and clients always want to know what these e-newsletters are really doing for them?  This is where seeing the big picture comes into play.  Used to you’d pay lots of money and had no idea who saw it.  Now you pay a lot less and actually do know who saw it.

Recently, we sent out a birthday coupon for a nationally known company.

Overall, this email had a 35.89% open rate, which at first glance doesn’t seem like a great average but 21, 517 people saw this email.  That’s awesome and you know exactly who viewed it.  Keeping your name or logo in front of people keeps you in the front of their mind.   The other response to pay close attention to is the click through rate.  This tells you exactly what they clicked on inside your e-newsletter.  This vital information lets you know who is really interested and those people should be targeted in a follow up email.  Plus, few people ever opt out even if they plan to and sending regular emails to customers make them more engaged than less.

Now you see how important email marketing is?  Maybe you won’t hear from people immediately but your name is out there and when they need your service you’ll be the first they think of.  I hope this gave you a new perspective on email marketing and if you need help getting started give DefiNet Contact a call at 615-915-4460.